My boyfriend has a first time cuckold story!

Yay for first time cuckold stories! You probably know by now that my boyfriend and I are open. What I haven’t shared is that we’ve been talking about how fun it would be and he finally agreed!

Yesterday he and I had a friend over. My friend James was dying to cuckold my boyfriend so I knew we’d all have a good time! They hadn’t met before, so first we all had a drink to get comfortable and take the edge off a bit.

After a little while, we made our way to the bedroom. We put a chair in the corner for my boyfriend to sit on while he watched me get fucked. He sat down and James started to strip my clothes off. First, my top came up over my head and he kissed down my chest, sliding my bra under my tits and sucking on my nipples. Then he unhooked the bra and let it fall to the floor.

He kissed his way down and slid my pants down at the same time, kissing my pussy over my panties. My boyfriend had his cock out by then, stroking it, starting to get it hard.

James pulled my panties off then and lifted me onto the edge of the bed, burying his face in my pussy. As I moaned, my boyfriend stroked his cock faster, he was rock hard. I came as James sucked on my clit, my pussy juices covering his face.I moved farther onto the bed, pulling James with me. I pulled his shirt off and stroked his chest as he rubbed against me, I could feel his cock through his thin pants. He was so hard for me.

“Fuck me already, James”

My boyfriend was staring so intently at us as James rubbed against me. I pulled him close to me and whispered in his ear that he needed to fuck me already. He pulled off his pants and boxers and climbed back on top of me. I felt his hard cock press against my pussy and then slide inside.

He pulled my legs up and fucked me harder than he had ever fucked me before. It was pretty clear that he was either turned on or trying to put on a show for my boyfriend, I can’t say for sure which, but I got the benefit either way!

He fucked me hard, I saw that my boyfriend was really stroking now, precum dripping from his cock. James moaned in my ear, they were both going to cum at the same time! I felt my orgasm coming on, too. We all ended up cumming at the same time, there was just cum everywhere in my room!

Both of my boys absolutely loved it, we’ll definitely be doing it again! Let’s hope really soon 😉

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