The first time being pegged is always memorable. After all, giving away this type of vulnerability is something that no man will ever forget. However, it is not always a one time kind of deal. Sometimes men become addicted to the pleasures of giving up their anal cavity to a superior woman. Of course, this is what I am expecting.

The vulnerability and excitement attached to being deflowered by a beautiful lady. It should be an experience enjoyed at least once in every man’s life. Although, I must warn you. Just like the guy in this sexy sampling, you too may become addicted to giving up that control to women whenever possible too. 

How I Met My Neighbor

I was new to the neighborhood and kept to myself when I ran into this fine fella. He is a manly man on all accounts. It is not very often that we really even cross paths at this point. Aside from my daily jogs when I will find myself strolling in front of his house as he is leaving for work. Truly, I am used to stares from all men as I am jogging down the street so a quick wave and hello is what he will get on most days.

However, one day there is a knock at my door. And on the other side is himself and a child of his selling some sort of school fundraiser. After inviting them in and purchasing a few items. He and I are exchanging phone numbers so that he can drop off my order when it is ready. 

He Is Practically Throwing Himself at Me

Although, I have my suspicions he is needing these digits for much more than that. Of course, that night after his wife went to sleep and my phone began receiving notifications from him. He confirms my suspicions. Then, it is not very long until he was finding reasons to place himself in my presence. Although it is disguised as mowing my lawn, power washing my siding, and cleaning my pool. He is unable to sneak his desires past me for long.

One day while getting out of the shower I even catch him peeking in my window as I slowly dry off my wet naked body with a fluffy white towel. I pretend as if I do not notice as he strokes every inch of his cock outside of that glass. However, I intentionally take way longer than normal. Caressing every last bit of my perfect flawless body for him to observe. 

His First Time Being Pegged by Me Is a Surprise

That is until he is getting so into his own pleasure that he invites himself inside my house. One moment he is outside of my window stroking every inch of his long hard throbbing cock for my perfect body. Then, he is standing in my bedroom doorway. Although I am a little shocked that he has let himself into my house so freely, I am not surprised.


However, his hard-on is still in his own hand and he is completely shaken. His sex drive on autopilot has led him into my home. And he can not resist the urge to stroke his cock for me. At this point, he is in full puppet mode. Naked, I snap my fingers and point to the ground in front of me without saying a word. Then, like a good little puppy, he instantly drops to his knees at my feet. Still stroking his cock like a mindless drone. 

He Is Begging and Pleading for His First Time Being Pegged

I lift my foot and place it on his shoulder. One hand continuing to pleasure himself. His cock size is about average, not too large but not too small either. He wraps his other hand around my leg and begins to kiss up and down its smoothness. Pathetically, he is whimpering and begging for me to take him, take him as my own. It is hard for me to resist letting a faint smirk rise to the corner of my lips. As he continues begging for me to sexually satisfy him.

However, I am not going to just ride his mediocre cock like a filthy slut. I have standards, especially when it comes to size. And with his tiny dick, I will just be teasing my pussy. Of course, I have a different erotic playtime in mind which comes in the form of my strap-on friend. As he pleads that he will do anything to fuck me I reach over into my bedside table and pull out the six-inch starter attachment and its harness.

His Eyes Widen as He Realizes This Is Going to Be His First Time Being Pegged

Truly, I am sure some men may think at this point it will not be their first time being pegged. They will like to believe they can have the ability to walk away from this scenario. With their ass holes just as tight as ever. However, here you are. Stroking yourself at the feet of a naked babe like me. And you are willing to do just about anything for the smallest taste. That especially includes giving your biggest vulnerability away. 

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