First Time Anal Stories He Busted In I Got Busted By My Classmates

Seventeen, I was Seventeen the first time I let a guy put his dick in my tight little ass, first time anal stories always get me going. I was that average high school student. I had a great body, perky tits, and bubble butt ass. All the guys wanted to get with me but for the most part, I just liked to tease and play hard to get.

Do you want to know how my first time anal stories begin?

Might as well pull that cock out and start rubbing it. I’m sure it’s already hard thinking about me in my high school uniform.

I didn’t usually go to parties, wasn’t my scene, on that night though I was feeling daring. So I went to one of the biggest parties that were held during my high school years. I’m so glad I went. It was a warm night in August, Senior year. I showed up in short shorts that showed my ass off, a black tank top with my hair curled and down. It was long and thick. I always used Vanilla shampoo and perfume. Still, tan from the summer.

There was this guy (there’s always a guy isn’t there) I had a huge crush on him but we never really talked. After a few drinks, I finally went up and started talking to him. We ended up going on to the back patio to have a couple more drinks together. Laughing and flirting all night.

Keep playing with that cock of yours I’m getting to the best part of my first time anal stories.

Out of nowhere, this guy started kissing me.

To this day it was the best kiss of my life.

His arm wrapped around my waist, hand behind my ear pulling my face close. Long slow kisses. We start hearing all this hooping and hollering and look behind us and all these guys are so excited to see that he got me. He got my first kiss. That’s right, I was nowhere near a slut in high school, just a little flirt. I feel him pulling me out of sight. We didn’t need an audience for what was coming next. After about forty-five minutes of making out and heavy petting, things started to get more serious. He asked “So you’ve never had sex”

I replied “Nope, still virgin tight haha”

“Do you want to have sex”

“I never planned on losing my v card in high school”

“There are other things we can do so that you are still technically a virgin”

I had a few too many drinks and my pussy was so wet, all I wanted was to feel him inside me. At this point, I would have agreed to anything but what he asked totally took me by surprise. I felt his hand unbutton my shorts while he is kissing my neck. My hand was already playing with his HUGE cock. Now I know why all the girls had a crush on him. As he is rubbing my clit I start to moan and shake with excitement.  Moving down to my tits with his sexy lips.

With every kiss I’m getting wetter and more turned on.

I am to the point where I’m ready to start begging him. He just keeps teasing me though. Then he says, “I could always put it in your ass, that way you stay a virgin in every other way”.  A few of my friends had told me all about their first time anal stories and it sounded so hot. So I agreed. The need to be satisfied was too strong.

We decided to move deeper into the woods.

There is no way I was trying to get caught with a dick in my ass.

Oh did I mention that I was wearing these sexy black panties? He turned me around, pulled my hair to the other side of my neck, kissing my now exposed skin. Starting to slide down my shorts he massages my ass. I was so nervous I couldn’t think straight. Slipping one finger in my pussy then taking it out and starting to play with my ass. He slowly forces it in my ass. It felt amazing! If a finger felt that good I couldn’t imagine what his cock was going to feel like. We get on the ground. I push my ass up in the air, he smacks it then slides his finger back in. Out of all the first time anal stories I heard, no one ever prepared me for the pleasure I was about to feel.

Spitting on my ass he pulls his cock out and starts to slowly work his way in my ass.

Shoving it in farther and farther. I was moaning so loud, I swear I tried to be quiet but I couldn’t help it. Begging him to go harder. So he obliged me and did. The harder he thrust the louder I got. Then I started to cum, HARD! My moans turned into a high pitch scream, telling him to keep going. With one final thrust, he shoves his cock nice and deep in my ass as he cums. That’s when I saw the flash. That’s right.

Someone took a picture of this guy cumming in my ass.

By the time we got back to the party, everyone was talking about my first time anal stories and passing around the picture. He was getting high fives, I was getting dirty looks from all the girls. Shrugging off the jealousy I grabbed his hand. For the rest of the year, he and I hooked up. Only fucking in the ass. College started and we moved on but still to this day the smell of honeysuckles in august evenings makes me want to get fucked in the ass. I told you, first time anal stories are the best. I’m sure you don’t have anyone to fuck in the ass but you could look up one of those phone sex sites and have a nice role-play. 

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