First Time Anal

I had this friend when I was younger. Candace. Candace was a few years older than me and she looked like one of my favorite singers, Stevie Nicks. She taught me a lot of different things about sex. Really important things, like how you should always cover your teeth when you give a blow job and that you can’t get pregnant from just kissing, and wearing panties isn’t a requirement of law, like my mother had always made it seem to be. Candace also taught me that being with 1 guy, kinda limited your options. Like eating vanilla ice cream for dessert every single day for the rest of your life. Vanilla is my least favorite. Candace was also the girl that first taught me about first-time anal.

I had never even fathomed the thought of someone wanting to play around back there. I mean c’mon, I was amazed when I learned a cock went INSIDE a pussy, instead of just rubbing up against it. Candace was beautiful, smart, and very mature for being 15. I understood her logic and adapted her reasoning as my own.

Candace said she believed that making love was special, and it should be for guys you loved, so she only let her Boyfriend Beau, fuck her pussy.

The rest of the boys she fucked, well that was all anal. Candace told me, how for my first time anal, I should be very relaxed. She also told me that if a guy wouldn’t lick or kiss my asshole, he surely didn’t deserve to fuck it. I told her all about this guy Todd, whom I had been talking to at school, and that I wanted to fuck him. She and I decided that he would be a great guy to have My first time anal with because you never want a hardcore rough fuck for your first time anal.

Then She and I, devised a plan since both my parents and my older brother were always home when I was.

I had been thinking of fucking Todd for almost 2 weeks. I thought about him when I masturbated. We had done everything on the back of the school bus that could be done, without getting caught. But I wanted it to be real with Todd. I passed him a note in Science, telling him I had something to talk with him about on the bus.

We got on the bus that afternoon and I asked Todd if he could meet me in the woods around 530, I wanted us to try something new for the first time. He asked me if we were going to fuck. I just smiled and got off not answering him fully.

I laid a blanket down on a soft bed of clover in the woods. Todd arrived 5 minutes late, we started kissing and petting each other. He was such a great kisser. He got an instant boner while we were kissing. I rubbed it through his wranglers. His Hard teenage cock strained against the jeans. ” I want my first time to be with you” I said as I petted him.

He smiled. ” Anna, I know this isn’t your first time”

I smiled back. ” Yes, it is” I Lifted my dress over my hips, showing off my white cotton bikini cut panties and soft sweet peach of an ass. “Todd, this will be my first time anal, I’ve never butt fucked before, and Candace says it hurts to begin with but feels amazing after you get into it” I said, rubbing my ass. ” I’ve thought about your ass a lot when I jerk off Anna” Todd replied, mouth wide.

” Be easy with me and it’s yours” I said softly, biting my lip.

He didn’t hesitate, he was behind me in a flash. He grabbed my cotton panties and slid them down to my knees. “You have to get it wet Todd, it will make it easier to slide in.”

Todd kissed my cheeks. I felt his fingers gently pull me apart, as he dived between my young fleshy mounds kissing deep and licking even deeper.

I knew he was the right guy to have my first time anal with.

So I still remember it like it was yesterday, it’s funny how the best feelings always stay with you.

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