Your face smashes into the mattress as you get pounded from behind. Big hands wrap around your throat making it difficult for you to breathe. This is your first sissy experience. This is everything we’ve been working towards.

Do You Remember How It All Started?

When we met you were just an ordinary, boring man. You lacked in all areas an alpha needs to excel in. That’s why you never stood a chance with a BBW sex goddess like myself. I still chuckle at the fact that you thought I was going to end up in your bed. When you approached me I knew your potential. I knew that you would make a better slut than a stud. When you asked me out, I said yes out of pure fun.

Our first date was everything I could ask for. I knew infatuation with me was immediate. I know what I want, and exude confidence you wished you could have. When you asked me what my biggest fantasy was, I told you the truth. I told you how I would love to see you in my lingerie. After a lot of drinks, you finally agreed to come over. I dressed you up in lingerie and started your training. Who would have thought it would not take that long to have your first sissy experience with a bull?

After Playing Dress Up, You Couldn’t Stay Away, Could You?

I became your BBW mistress. I used you and dressed you up. My favorite step towards you becoming a full sissy has been training your holes. I loved your unforgettable expression when I introduced you to a butt plug. But when we moved to my big thick strap on I knew you were ready for the real deal. The way you whimpered as my fake cock pushed into you made you a slut for real cock. And now, we are here.

Enjoy Your First Sissy Experience!

The bull has put you in your place. Hasn’t he? Your face is still pushed into the mattress and he keeps pounding you while both of his feet are planted on the bed. His cock is so huge and veiny, you really didn’t think you could take it all the way down your throat. This is why you need me here. You need me to encourage you, and to force you if that doesn’t work. All I had to do was place the hand on the back of your head.

He is going to flip you over. You, sissy, are you to get fucked as a woman does. Your legs are spread open as he enters your tight sissy pussy. Then, you feel his weight on top of you, as moans and groans in your ear. Your clit feels so good rubbing up against him. He wants to cum but you gotta beg for it.

Once again, he manhandles you. You end up on your knees with his thick cock down your throat again. How good does his cock taste after it’s been inside you, slut? Now, do what you’ve been training for and encourage his sperm into your girlish mouth. SWALLOW!

This is only your first sissy experience of many. Do you want to know what I have in mind for next time?

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