So, My First New Year Fuck Wasn’t With My Husband!

I don’t think my first New Year fuck was ever planned. It just happened. Normally most of those oh-so-hot moments kind of spontaneously happen on their own, kind of like a blazing romance that happens overnight or the drunken passion that two people feel during a wild party full of adult beverages.

In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with best friends fucking as long as both parties consent to the fun. I’ve fucked my best friends, but this event really started this year off with a bang.

Oh, so good to start the year off right with a New Year fuck!

With everything going on in the world, isn’t it so much fun when people get to see each other? I’ve really come to appreciate the feel of one’s skin, the touch of a soft tongue on my pussy, and the hot passionate kisses one shares before we start madly fucking. Fucking is so raw and erotic!

Like, take what happened on New Year’s Day. I had planned a dinner just for me and my husband. Then, he went outside for just a moment. All of a sudden I heard a voice outside talking with him.

I cannot believe it was him!

It just so happens that my husband worked with a guy I had known in high school. I had had a major crush on him. He was so cute, but nothing ever came of it. Thomas was still so handsome and his body looked great too. He was still so muscular and toned.

It appears he took care of all those gorgeous areas I would drool over. A dinner for two turned into a dinner for three. After dinner was over, we settled down to talk and have some drinks. I never thought Thomas would end up having me for dessert.

He couldn’t stop looking at me.  I don’t know how he ever missed me in high school, but I always noticed him.

Tonight was so different!

However, that night was different. Thomas couldn’t stop taking his eyes off my breasts and legs. His brown, playful eyes undressed me slowly as he looked over every inch of my blushing body.

My husband and Tom started to play a card game. Of course, my husband bet me the prize if he lost. Well, either my husband was too blurry to play cards right or he was a bad card player.

The game was over so quickly that it was time for the real games!

Tom won the game with no difficulties. We stood up, and Tom took my hands and walked into our bedroom. There was no awkwardness as we went into each other’s arms.  He kissed me passionately running his lips and tongue on all of my sensitive areas.

My body quaked as he touched and kissed down my body all while my clothing started to peel slowly off of my smooth body. Well, let’s just say he did not disappoint. My husband came in after watching us for some time. Then my husband slowly got both of us ready with his mouth till Tom was so hard he had to fuck my wet hole.

While Tom stroked his cock in and out of my pink pussy, Tony put his head under my cunt and started licking all the juices that dripped from my holes. There was not a hole left untouched as Tom took what he had been lusting over for so long that evening.

What a night we all had!

I cannot believe I got such a wonderful New Year fuck and my hubby got one of his favorite treats.  Can you guess what that is?

So, tell me about your New Year fuck. Call me and indulge all of your hot phone sex fantasies with me.

 Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke