This is how I learned how to submit like a slut

Submit was so foreign to me. I’m trapped in a box of my own design. A lifetime of rules and regulations in my head. Can’t do this because of that. Can’t see this one or that because their very nature could embarrass me. I can’t think with all of these rules running through my head. Want to break free of these regulations. Want to learn how to live a life of abandonment. I want to submit. To learn to open up to my desires. My quest for freedom has brought me here. To a man who will teach me how to become submissive.

I arrive at your door dressed as instructed; a black cocktail dress. Knee-length black satin and chiffon. Cinched in at the waist showing just enough cleavage to be sexy but not so much that the outfit is obscene. Black heels to show my legs. No bra no panties. I’m scared when I knock on your door. I don’t know what to expect. You come to the door tall, handsome. Wisps of gray in your hair make you look distinguished. Like a professor, I had a crush on in college. It’s no surprise that you’re a teacher, now I hope I have the ability to learn from you. You embrace me as I walk through the door. Your touch is warm and comforting making me feel like I have made the right decision. Leaning to submit to you feels right.

Taking me by the hand you lead me into a white room. This room is colder than the rest of the house. I feel goose pimples on my skin. My eyes darting around the bare room, the lack of furnishings making me nervous. Standing in the center of the white room you come from behind and blindfold me. Kissing me along the side of my neck sent shivers down my spine. Blindfolded, everything is dark now making me even more nervous.

I look around the room even though I can’t see the instinct to be aware of my surroundings kick in. There is a knot in my throat as panic starts to take hold. This is a mistake, I can’t do this. I can’t surrender, I can’t submit,  I need to feel in control of this. My head is spinning in a fog of panic and confusion. Just as I am about to cry out I feel your finger pressed against my lips. Smooth, strong, and comforting. Settling my panic and making me feel more secure.

I feel you standing in front of me, removing my belt and letting it fall to the floor. You unbutton my dress and gently push it from my shoulders as it falls to my feet. You run your fingers over my tits and I feel my nipples beginning to stiffen. I feel you walking behind me. Gently you pull my arms behind my back and begin to bind them. I can feel panic begin to overtake me again. I can feel wetness stirring in my pussy. Your hands are on my shoulders turning me to face you.

Hot mouth pressed against mine, prying my mouth open with your tongue. Sucking my tongue into your mouth stroking it, biting my lower lip. I want to touch you, feel your chest, stomach, and cock in my hands but my hands are bound. Your hands find their way to my hard nipples. Palms brushing them lightly before taking them between your thumb and forefinger and squeezing them. Pulling them making them so hard that they pulse with excitement. Your other hand drops between my legs.

Fingers gently spreading my pussy lips, teasing my opening and rubbing my clit. My clit puffs to your touch I spread my legs wider I want to fill your fingers all the way inside me deep and probing. I want my arms to be freed so I can feel you. Your hot throbbing cock in my hands would be the most amazing feeling in the world. My desire to touch you is heightened by my restraints.

The weight of your hands on my shoulders pressing down on me bringing me to my knees. I can feel the head of your cock rubbing against my lips. Coating my lips with pre- cum like a sweet and sticky lip gloss willing my mouth to open. Pushing your cock between my lips over my tongue and down my throat. Your hips pushing your cock down my throat. My eyes water as I gag on your meat. My pussy juice running down my thigh with excitement. Instinctively I move to grab your hips and ass, but my hands are still bound behind my back.

Not being able to touch you is driving me mad. Madness, that fuels my desire for you, I want to feel you in every inch of me. I need to feel the electricity of my skin against yours. You pull out of my mouth, leaving my mouth empty and begging for more. My pussy wet, throbbing and open begging for you to be inside of me. I need to feel your cock, I need to touch you I need to be set free.

My hands are free for a moment, but you don’t let me touch you. My hands are bound again, this time over my head and anchored to something on the floor. Spreading my legs your fingers find their way into my dripping pussy. First one, then two probing inside me teasing my g-spot making my back arch. Pushing my tits forward. Tightening my pussy around your fingers. I want you to feel what my pussy can do. Your tongue finds my clit swirling it. Sucking it as you push against my g-spot finger fucking me.

Your mouth finds mine again and I can taste myself on you. Sweet, hot and moist mingling with the taste of your cock still playing at the edges of my mouth. It’s intoxicating, my pussy grips your fingers tighter trying to draw you deeper into me. My pussy’s pleading is finally rewarded when I feel the head of your cock rubbing against my clit. Dripping pre- cum on me. Just the slightest drop of you on me fills me with indescribable ecstasy.

I can feel your cock beginning to push into me. I spread my legs wider, I want to feel your balls deep in me. The deeper you are inside of me the easier it is to let go and be free of the rules and guidelines that denominate my existence.

You push in deeper, I can feel the head of your cock pounding against my g-spot. Bring me closer to the edge of ultimate bliss. I feel you throbbing inside of me, getting closer to shooting your cum in me. Grunting and groaning against me with your face buried between my tits.

Almost without warning my pussy explodes onto your cock soaking you with my juices as waves of orgasmic explosion radiate through my body. I feel cum exploding inside o me seconds later. Flooding me with the psychical manifestation of pleasure.

You untie me and remove the blindfold. The light is a shock for a moment. You’re standing over me, hand extended to help me up. We embrace and kiss. You dress me fixing my dressmaking sure I look perfect as I walk out the door.

I’m walking on air leaving your space. Lighter and brighter than I ever thought possible, all of the restrictions that I came to with have been removed. You’ve done what you’ve promised and I have learned to submit and release.

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke