Hello there!” he said. “Come in, come in. I’m Todd.” I walked into a beautiful suit at one of the poshest hotels in town. “Boys, this is… um, I didn’t get your name.” Todd said. “I’m Danielle but you can call me anything you want.” I said with a smirk! “You hear that boys? We can call her anything we want!” All six men starred at me hungrily. “So boys did you cum to play than you’ve got to pay!”I purred.”Than you can do anything you want to me.” I said as I licked my lips. Todd handed me an envelope stuffed with cash and my pussy instantly got wet!

The six men formed a circle around me completely stripped of their clothing with hard cocks in hand. I’ve always dreamed of this and my fantasy was cumming true. Moving around the circle, taking each cock into my mouth I noticed that most of the cocks were very nice, long and thick. With a mouth full of cock I said “what are you waiting for boys all my holes are hungry!” Hands started to attack me from everywhere. My legs, thighs, tits and pussy were ravaged by the hands of all the men gathered there. Someone grabbed my ass and started kneading it hard as I felt my asshole get impaled with cock. My heart was pounding with excitement and I could feel cock throbbing in my cunt and ass pushing me over the edge making my pussy clamped down hard on it and suddenly I felt a warm gush. Clear fluid sprayed out of my cunt all around the cock stuffed in it. One of the men started to lick at my clitoris and lapped up the spray coming out of me. “Mmmmppphhhhh… aagghhhhh!” The cock in my mouth muffling the sounds of my moans pumping his load into my thirsty mouth. I choked and gagged and tried to swallow every last creamy drop greedily . Both cocks sped up inside me and they were pistoning inside me together, no longer alternately. This stretched me even wider and my moans and screams became incoherent. Holy Fuck!” the guy fucking my cunt cried out as he quickened his pace. “She’s coming like crazy!” My body kept shaking and trembling and kept on cumming and cumming as I felt cock after cock stuff me full and dump its load.
I looked again at all the men in the room and this time, all cocks were almost flaccid. My cunt felt sore but my ass was even more sore. I knew that I would feel really sore the next day but for now, I was basking in orgasmic sexual pleasure.
As I left the hotel and got into a cab I thought to myself what an experience! Getting gang fucked and getting paid for it as well. It was good being a woman and even better being a whore. *smirk*



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