My First Experience With Bestiality

Last night I had my first experience with bestiality! Now we ALL know that my usual cock of choice is a big fat black dick! But last night Davon, myself, and one of his friends went out and partied HARD. We were all SO drunk, and SO horny! But by the time we all made it back to his friend’s house, they were both too drunk to fuck! Damn you, whiskey dick! My pussy was so fucking wet and ready! All I could think about was getting fucked!

Davon’s friend smiled, and said he had a friend with a HUGE cock, that was always up for a good pussy licking and sticking! I thought to myself, oh yeahhhh, I’m gonna get fucked after all! I thought he was talking about his roommate! My drunken brain didn’t register the situation at first, when I saw him leading a HUGE black German Shepard into the room! We all have to stop and laugh for a second, because really?

Even my bestiality partner is black!

I blinked a few times and tried to focus my eyes. It finally dawned on me that he wanted me to let his DOG fuck me! Both guys laughed at the shocked look on my face, as I admitted that I’d never tried bestiality. I’ve tried everything ELSE with Davon, right? Might as well let him witness this first-time event too! I was so horny I didn’t care who or what fucked me, as long as I got some dick! Black dick, white dick, doggy dick! ALL dick is good dick at this point!

Davon helpfully (if somewhat clumsily) helped me out of my panties and sat me on the edge of the long coffee table, leaning me back. I closed my eyes, heard some panting right next to my ear briefly, then the next thing I felt was a SUPER long, warm, wet tongue sliding against my pussy! Nose snuffling briefly, then that long pink tongue again, hungrily lapping at my pussy juices! I moaned with pleasure at this new and different feeling, hips moving rhythmically in time with that crazily licking tongue!

His massive head appeared in front of me and I patted him appreciatively.

I looked down and suddenly noticed that HUGE, slippery looking red dog cock, unsheathed and swollen! I’d never seen a dog’s dick look like THAT before! Then again, I guess I’ve never seen a dog’s dick right after it eagerly lapped at my insatiable cunt, either! I was so ready to guide that big red dick into my slutty pussy as he prepared to mount me, one front paw on each side of my body as he humped blindly, slippery cock trying to find that tight little opening to penetrate it!

How did I enjoy my first experience with bestiality? Call me, and I’ll give you all the details of that red hot doggy fuck with some Taboo Phone Sex!