Forced sex wasn’t what was on my mind when I sat across from Jack. Jack was a sweet southern man with a great career and had his life together. What I didn’t expect was him to attack me in the car.

Forced sex is what every girl dreads at some point in their life. When you meet a guy you pack a small emergency kit. For me it’s always mace. I had met Jack a few times and didn’t feel the need to bring it with me this time. Jack asked me if I felt safe enough around him at this point. Obviously I did.

After our lovely dinner jack packed me away in the car. We took a nice long drive so we could talk and listen to music. We pulled into a scenic stop off the highway, things got hot pretty fast. My arms were around him while we kissed like horny teens.

Jack started to shove his hands into my jeans. Hard to believe but I didn’t wanna go that far. I just wanted to make out. He stopped kissing me and tried to calm his breathing. Jack became another man at this point, the look in his eyes wasn’t filled with sexual lust but anger instead.

He took me by my arm and yanked me out of the car. I begged him to take me home but he ignored my pleas. He tossed me into the back seat and I felt my pants being ripped off. I tried to kick and scream, but he was quicker. Forced sex was not what I expected from this guy. He seemed so trust worthy.

Jack rolled me onto my stomach and held me down with a strong arm. The jingling of his belt coming undone scared me. I begged and begged for him to stop. His cock found my pussy too fast for me to break away. His hand covered my cries.

It felt like forever. His cock banged in and out of my tight pussy. My body betrayed me. I was plenty wet and he made sure to humiliate me for it. “See bitch, you wanted my fuckin cock! Your pussy is so damn tight.” He mocked. Hot tears escaped as I felt the orgasm rush over me. I didn’t want to give into that forced sex pleasure.

A guttural cry ripped forth from Jack as he pulled out and unloaded his cum all over my ass. Jack got out of the car and back into the front seat. Tossing a wetnap into the back he ordered me to clean myself up.

I cried the entire way home. I felt used and humiliated. “Thanks for going to dinner with me Alyson. I’ll pick you up at 8 Saturday. ” was all he said before I walked sore back into my apartment.



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