I went to my very first Confession!

“Forgive me father for I have sinned.” I was nervous as I spoke the words sitting in confession. A friend had dared me to go to a confession and confess all my sins. So I went. I started to speak through the screen but got distracted by the smell coming from the other side. It was a very arousing and manly smell. I couldn’t help but feel my pussy tighten as I continued to speak. This confession was like nothing I ever thought it would be.

After the confession was over I stood up to leave when the priest asked me to stay. He told me to wait right there while he came out to other side of the confession booth. My door opened and a very tall and handsome man was standing there. Without saying a word he grabbed my hand and led me out of the booth.

He kept leading me to the back of the church, away from the confession booth and then down some stairs. We got to a big wooden door before he looked back at me. “Ready?” I nodded not really knowing what was going to happen. He unlocked the door and took me into a very dark yet well decorated room.

There were floggers, whips and canes on the walls and a very large bed in the middle of the room. “Are you ready to sin some more with me Jillian?” I could feel the blood rushing to my face and I blushed a dark crimson shade. I looked over at the wall and saw a very large wooden cross hanging from the ceiling. My heart skipped a beat as I imagined what might happen on there.

He sat me down on the bed and took my clothes off.

He placed my hands above my head as he tied me off and pulled me up to the headboard. The sheets were so soft against my back and ass. I felt him spread my legs and look at my honey pot for a moment or two. He then tied my legs off to either side of the bed.

“You will lay here until I’m done using you. Do you understand? You will also be my sweet little slut and as long as you follow my rules, I will be ever so nice to you!” The butterflies were wild in my stomach. I was getting very aroused over the idea of him using me however he wanted. Although I didn’t like being submissive, I seemed to trust him a great deal.

I felt his hands run up my thighs and then run across my pussy. He was feeling how wet I was. I heard him lick his fingers and taste my pussy off of them. That’s when I felt his bulging cock press against me. God he was huge. I lifted my head up to look at his large package and was shocked to find an almost 13 inch cock! My breath caught in my throat as I watched him move the head closer and closer to my opening.

What happens next? Does he push his cock inside of me and make me scream? Or just tease me with his large donkey cock?

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