Fireman Fetish

Fireman fetish- Have I ever mentioned how hot Firemen get me? I looked it up and it is definitely a thing. How can it not be? Firemen are usually ripped, they look sexy in their uniforms AND THEY SAVE people! My crazy friend Katie is obsessed with them probably even more than me. One night we went out to her favorite bar where she knew all of the firemen hang out.We dressed up hot and we were getting lots of smiles from the rugged looking guys who probably just ended their shifts.

Katie was the center of attention – she was much more outgoing than I was. with her big tits and blond hair.

I just sat back and watched as she giggled and flirted with the hot guys. I was actually getting turned on. She started to give one of the guys a lap dance. It was so fucking hot, I found myself sliding my hand over my panties. I could see the fireman’s big bulge in his jeans, as sexy Katie ground her ass over his crotch.

I looked around the room and noticed the crowd of guys. Some were watching Katie and her dance, but there were also a few that noticed me with my hand caressing my pussy. I put my legs on the stool in front of me and spread my legs. Then I moved my panties to the side and began to move my fingers inside me. I saw that the guys watching me were pulling out their huge fireman dicks. Katie was watching too as she let her fireman insert his cock into her.

Once her guy came, Katie walked over to me and put her tongue on my pussy and licked it till I came.

Many firemen came that night. We felt good about helping them out after all they do for us!

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