Finger Fucked by a high school jock

Getting finger fucked is always hot! But, when it’s a stranger, boy can it be even hotter. I have had my fair share of stranger fucks. But, this one may take the cake! It’s so wrong that it’s right. And it all happened last night at the fair.

So, I was dragged to the fair by my family and had to deal with crowds, sand storms, and the awful wind. And finally, at about 9, my family decided to leave, which I was a little relieved because I could finally go home. But, they left me with like half a book of tickets.

I went on a couple of rides just to get rid of the damn tickets and spent my last 4 on the Ferris wheel. I was riding alone so the attendant grabbed someone from the line to join me. He was a tall, muscular, jock type with a letterman jacket on. He must have been with his girlfriend because he kissed a girl before she walked away from the Ferris wheel.

We sat there, awkwardly for a bit, and waited for the rest of the seats to be filled on the carts. I crossed my legs and noticed him looking at them and licking his lips. I looked around for his girlfriend and smiled at him. He slowly reached over and put his hand on my thigh.

I uncrossed my legs and spread them for him

He slid his hand further up my thigh and I pulled my thong to the side, revealing my pink cunt to him. He licked his middle and ring finger before slipping them into my hole. I turned towards him and let him take a good look at what he was doing.

He was banging away at my pussy and it was hot as hell. His cock was getting hard in his tight jeans, the Ferris wheel was going, and I was about to cum all over him. I whispered, “If I squirt on you… your girlfriend might get mad.” And he just fingered me harder and replied, “It’s okay, I’ll tell her I spilled my drink. She’s so frigid and I need some Spank Bank material.”

I smiled and started to cum all over the seat, my panties, and on his jeans. I then thanked him by taking my thong off and slipping them into his jacket pocket. Just so he has a little something to remember me by.

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