Finger Banged In The Band Room. High School Was HOT!

Finger banged by a band geek is not how I thought I would start my tenth-grade year at high school. Finger banged by the same band geek a week later was also not part of the plan. They just kind of happened. The first time I was just horny and he caught me in the right place at the right time. I was seriously about to go American Pie on the flute when he walked in. The second time, I felt I owed any future women he encountered to leave him better than I found him. He needed some serious help down there.

I had him meet me at my parent’s house so I could get finger banged again. No explanation was needed when my dad opened the door. He simply saw no threat in the nerd with the bookbag and called me downstairs. I was wearing my smallest butt huggers. The shorts my dad gives me angry looks over and refuses to let me leave the house in. They hug my ass so tight and show off the very bottom of my ass cheeks. I made sure he was behind me when I walked him up the stairs to my room and made sure I swung my hips.

When we got to my room the nerd asked what subject it was I needed help in. “I brought all my books just in case.”

Nerd. “I don’t need help with school. I want to get finger banged again. I was thinking I could use the flute I stole from the band room or I could text you. So I texted.” I had a big oversized bean bag chair in the corner and went over and sat down. He was visibly stunned and taking imaginary gulps of water. I spread my legs open wide and I have to give the nerd credit, he put his bag down and got down onto his knees in front of me.

He went straight for my pussy and I clapped my legs shut. “No, no, no.” He pulled back like he was going to stand up but I held his hand hard between my strong thighs. “Don’t go straight to the finish line. You start by feeling up the whole area. Start with my thighs and appreciate everything.” He got the point and figured it out quick. After he rubbed every inch of my tight tanned thighs he moved toward the prize.

I stood up and put his hands on my shorts and had him help me take them off. I laid back and he went full force for my pussy again. Then I clapped my thighs together again, but this time his finger tips were just touching the top of my pussy and it was turning me on to coach this band nerd.

“You have to go slow at first. You also have to make sure I’m wet, or you have to spit on your fingers.”

I laid back in the chair and closed my eyes. “Start with one finger,” and Fido obeyed. Nerd or not, his thick tuba playing fingers fit nicely into my pussy. He reached up and started to grab my breasts. I got wetter and he needed no more spit on his finger. “Put another finger in there slowly and start going in and out faster.” He complied and finger banged the shit out of me. After I came I sent him packing and my dad clapped him on the back and thank him for helping me.

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