Financial ruin, two of my favorite little words.

It’s all about the game darling. You are perfectly aware that two favorite words that escape my lips are financial ruin. Rolls right off the tongue divinely, doesn’t it? Homewrecker is another! Put the two together and I’ve got the perfect recipe to bury you in debt for who knows how long.

Your fetish lifestyle has led you down this path of financial ruin with the goddess. Explaining to your wife that the goddess deserves everything isn’t something you want to discuss with her right now is it? Thought so! Don’t ever let those words cross your lips that you don’t have money for me! What Roxy wants, Roxy gets. Sell your car and walk to work. Rent out your house and live on the street. I don’t give a fuck what you do, as long as Roxy is pleased.

Fiscal Slave

Wallet raping you and putting you into financial slavery was so easy. Between my mesmerizing eyes, and erotic hypnosis, you never stood a chance. After each session, I love leaving you weak, broke and begging for more. Rule number one is always If You Want To Play, You Have To Pay. On your knees loser. No sex will ever be exchanged between us! Your cock is not worthy of fucking a goddess like Roxy.

Your life will consist only of me humiliating and manipulate you. My pathetic fiscal slave you shall be. I was a mastermind at exploiting your fetish. Sucking you dry in our conversations only means your bank account. The lavish lifestyle you’ll lead no more. This homewrecker is going to take it all. In fact, I could sit around and you’d give me money for no reason at all wouldn’t you! It’s time again for me to send you into financial ruin, pay up piggy!

Phone Sex Girls!