Are you into financial domination?

Do you begin to sweat at the thought of surrendering complete financial control to your mistress? That’s good because I am shopping for a new pay pig… someone who truly lives to serve me. Financial domination = spoil your princess; when I am happy you are happy!

If you are serious about being my money slave, there are a few things that I need to know; what do you do for a living, how much do you make and how do you spend your money? Once this has been made clear, I am able to construct your budget so that you can fulfill your duties, which are:

1. Go to work

2. Earn money

3. Spoil me

I have expensive taste; I love jewelry, I love clothes, I love shoes and most of all I love music. You will pay for me to see concerts, to buy new records and instruments… and I want to look gorgeous doing it. With my stunning new wardrobe and lingerie collection, I’ll be sure to looking hot. Maintaining the amazing beauty that brings you to your knees and makes you drool.

It’s not that I NEED your money, it’s that I LOVE your submission.

I love the power that financial domination gives me. I love the rush that I feel knowing that you have completely reconstructed your life to suit my demands. When I have control of your finances, it dictates how you do everything else in your life. My domination will be present in everything that you do; you will exist to serve me.

How much do you spend on food a month? Let’s cut that in half! You’ll gladly eat ramen three times a day if you know that it keeps me happy! You would live in a slum if it keeps me living like a queen, wouldn’t you? You are mine to use. The amount that you give up is nothing compared to the joy you will feel when you honor your duties to me.

Are you qualified? With my guidance, you will make the budget cuts necessary to afford my pleasure.. you’ll be pinching pennies in no time!

Taboo Phone Sex!