Financial Domination is where you go when you realize you could never please me with your pathetic body!

It’s fantastic, because I’ve been spoiled by men my whole life and I love when you spend that cash on me! And the fantastic thing is that every moment you spend with me, telling me how you want your wallet raped, it is already happening. You may hear the clock ticking off the time, but me? I hear the cash register ringing up your monetary tithing to your financial domination Goddess. You start out just telling me that you are a loser lonely boy and that you belong to me.

Over the course of a few more calls, you let it slip, that not only is your body, mind and soul mine to do with what I wish, your wallet is too. I hope you have good credit, because I am going to drain you. All of you. I’m going to drain your soul and your money while you just continue to give and give until you are all used up and no use to me. And then what will you do? How will you get through without time and cash spent on your Goddess? Well you’ll keep dialing, keep spending, keep spoiling. That’s what you’ll do, of course. How? I don’t care how… that’s your problem. Not mine. The only thing I am worried about is the time you spend showering me with cash and servitude.

Want to make me REALLY happy? A two girl call where I get to share the (your) wealth with one of my hottie friends! You want to set something up with be before you call us? Go ahead and email one of our Phone Sex Girls! I promise, we’ll take good care of your money.