I crave cock control through sensual domination, edging, JOI, tease and denial, blackmail, orgasm denial, and financial dom. What is even better than those six forms of domination phone chat? Well, that would be when I combine all six of those domination fetishes. And possibly a couple others that may pop into my mind during our session. Creating the ultimate FemDom experience. Prepare for a wild ride full of female worship and domination when we chat.

Now, If you are dissecting this blog for hints as to what you should expect during our time together. You may as well just stop reading. Did you really think that I would give you an idea of what you are about to walk into? I like to keep you guessing. Your heart is racing, isn’t it? Financial domination and the thought of me as your financial dom, draining your wallet excites you. Don’t worry, financial domination excites me too!

What Your Goddess Wants  – Your Goddess Gets

Aching for my domination, pining for my control, and yearning to open up your wallet for me to take all that I want; well babe, welcome to your new life. Admit it, your cock gets rock fucking hard when I take your money. You and I both know that you have stalked my financial domination website for hours; drooling over my tanned, toned body. Our mutual financial fetish ensures that what your Goddess wants, your Goddess gets.

Ultimately, you live to serve and obey me. With your happiness depending upon my happiness, your obedience is a necessity. There are a lot of ways to please your financial mistress, number one being: Do NOT question me. I will take what I want and you will wholeheartedly oblige. What Brittany wants, Brittany gets…every.single.time.

There’s Only One Me – Remember That

Sure, when you search for ‘financial dominant meaning’ online, you will find a million financial domination websites claiming to drain your wallet. But, there is a reason that you always come back to me, isn’t there? Certainly, my sensual voice had something to do with it. Our intimate phone sex chats have given you insight into your mistress. I’m not some unintelligent bimbo that relies on her good looks to get what she wants. First of all, my hot ass and long, toned legs are just icing on this cake.

Seems like, it is the way that I have managed to draw you in, completely under my control; that has left you completely mind fucked. Most importantly, you know that I don’t need your money. I do extremely well on my own without it. It’s the control that I crave. Consequently, it is my control over you that makes my unique domination phone chat an addiction of its own. Why is that? Above all, each and every one of my boy toys will receive the best phone sex call tailored exclusively to their individual wants and needs.

Every Financial Dom And PayPig Relationship Requires Trust.

I like to think of it as financial domination therapy, and I; your financial domination fetish therapist. Every dominant and sub relationship requires trust. You trust that I will push your limits. While trusting that I know what is best for you. A professional financial dominatrix will always have an intimate conversation with her malesub prior to deciding whether or not to pursue the relationship. During that conversation; limits and expectations are openly discussed.

As your mistress, I will take you to the edge; far enough to give you that thrill that we both seek. Ultimately, bringing you to subspace. However, as an in control financial dom; it is my responsibility to ensure that you are never pushed too far. In short, a broke FinDom slave is of no use to me. I will take what is mine and leave you with what you deserve.

It Is A Beautiful Day For Your Financial Dom To Take HER Money

Even more, it is ALWAYS a beautiful day for me to take your money. Under my control, financial domination is mine for the taking. There is no need to wait for FinDom Friday, that wallet should be open for me any time that I want it. I cannot wait to take what is mine. Just don’t say that I didn’t warn you.

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