Mommy and I are having some special bonding time today!

Mommy pulls out her cute pink fuzzy handcuffs and clips one to the bed frame and the other to my wrist. I’ve always wanted to know how to use Mommy’s favorite toys. As I’m laying in Mommy’s big bed, stripped completely naked, she pulls out a small purple vibrator. I watch her as she turns it on and she shows me where to rub it. Seeing her moan with such pleasure makes me want to feel exactly what she’s feeling. She puts the vibrator right on my clit and rubs and rubs. I can’t stop my moans from escaping my mouth, it feels too good! Finally, I start to feel myself getting super wet from pleasure. I think this one is my favorite of Mommy’s favorite toys!

After I came a couple of times with the vibrator, she shows me this long string of beads. Eager to learn, I watch her slowly ease these beads into her butthole. She grabs another string of beads and tells me to do the same thing. Of course, I listen to every word she tells me to, she is the teacher after all. Feeling each bead slide inside of my butthole gave me a rush of relief but Mommy’s not done. She slides between my legs and starts licking my young wet pussy. I never thought I’d ever had naughty kinky sex with my Mommy!

Moaning more and more, I see her reach for the box filled with Mommy’s favorite toys.

She pulls out a big black strap-on. I wonder if she ever used this on Daddy. Mommy flips me around so my butt is up in the air for her and I feel her drip a smooth liquid onto my pussy and then push the dildo inside of me. It’s so big, I have no idea how it could fit inside me so well. Pumping it in and out of me, my body starts tingling, I can feel myself dripping. Mommy hands me the vibrator and tells me to use it how she showed me. Listening to her demands, the pleasure becomes so intense. I love all of Mommy’s favorite toys! Finally, with such intense pleasure, I came many many times. My Mommy knows exactly how to please her baby girl. I can’t wait till I get play with Mommy’s favorite toys again!

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