I finally fucked my Brother

Your sister Kate has already given you a blow-job you’ll never forget but now you want more. Don’t worry brother so do I. I need my brother’s cock. More than just in my mouth. I’m craving you. After you filled my mouth up with cum my pussy was aching for you. I’ve been trying to get you alone ever since then and tonight it’s finally happening. Mom and dad are going on a date and you and I have the house to ourselves.

You’re sitting on the couch watching tv and I strut by you naked. I know you won’t be able to resist. I shaved every inch but a little landing strip, my tits are perfect, and my body is soft. It’s begging to be touched. By you, my sweet sexy brother. Once I’m past I look back at you. You’re scanning my entire body, looking me up and down. I can tell your mouth is practically watering. You lick your lips, get up, and walk over to me.

You get behind me, pressing your body against me and pushing me into the wall. Then you put your leg between mine and spread them. I can’t move and I’m at your mercy. You press your mouth to my ear, grabbing my hair and pulling it. “You’re all mine now sister.” My pussy floods. Still pulling my hair, you reach between my legs. Very satisfied with what you find. A dripping pussy. Aching for you.

You don’t even bother to take off your clothes. Undoing your pants and pulling your cock out. Teasing my pussy with it. Pulling my hips back you bend me over. Pressing the head of your cock against my clit, slapping my sweet little pussy with your hard cock. You grab my hair again and pull it HARD, I cry out and you slam inside me. Oh god, fuck me, brother. FUCK.ME.

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