So I’m bound, collared, gagged, and being led around the hotel when I see the sexy lady that had fucked me with a strap-on the other day. I try to turn and pull to go in that direction, but it is impossible because he has a rope that he is leading me in the other direction.  No matter how hard I moan and pull and stomp my feet, he’s still dragging me the other way. And then she disappears again and he leads me back to my table. The rest of the day was pretty ordinary, more autographs and interviews. The con ends at 8 and I change for the dinner and the Vamps and Vixens After Party. I meet up with some friends and we dance the night away with drinks in our hands until we head back to the kinky pool party and the dungeon to observe. Then it’s bedtime at 5am.

The last morning of the Con arrives and I stagger to the table with a coffee in my hand, trying to clean up. I have one last interview to do and then I help pack up the table when it ends and slowly walk to the elevator to change for dinner and the Fetish Ball that night. I went to the Ball and posed o the Kinky Red Carpet again and posed with fans for pics. Then I watched the sexy drag show with beautiful Queens that performed and the naughty burlesque performances that took place. I have to admit, I was a bad girl and snuck away before the shows were over and put on my bikini to head to the pool to watch the fire show.

I get to the pool in my camo bikini and I start watching the show when I fell someone grab my hand. I look down to see a my sexy girl laying on the pool chair next to me. She smiles, gets up and drags me to the pool staircase that leads down to a hidden deck with chairs. While everyone is distracted by the fire show in front of them, we are hidden away in our own little oasis. We pull at each other’s bikini tops to reveal each other tits so we can suck on each other’s nipples. My nipples get instantly hard as soon as she grazes her teeth and tongue over them. She teased them until my bikini bottoms became wet from my excitement. She then kneeled down between my thighs and and moved my bottoms aside to reveal my already wet pussy. She then went to town on me using her tongue and fingers until I gushed all over her tongue, leaving my knees shaking, making it hard for me to stand. Of course I returned the favor. Oh, she tasted so good. After she came on my lips, I kissed her so she could taste herself. When we were both satisfied, wearing grins bigger than our tits, we returned to the pool party, where I had another drink and said good-bye to everyone. I went to sleep that night as one very happy lady.

The next morning I packed and headed home, thus ending my week of filthy fun. How I can’t wait ’til next year!