So last week I was lucky enough to be invited to attend Fetish Con in sunny, hot, humid Florida. (Thank God for air conditioning! LOL!) From the  moment I walked through the doors of the hotel to check-in to the moment that the bellhop was carrying my bags back to my car, I had a blast! I was EXHAUSTED, but it fun sooooo worth it.

I got to the hotel on Wednesday to check-in. I had a shoot to run to as soon as I threw my bags in my room. Female Cat Fight Time! I wrestled two other girls until we were sweaty and naked, stockings wrapped around our throats. We all laid next to each other giggling and I was declared the winner! Yay! Then I threw my clothes back on, ran to get pass, and threw everything in my booth to set up the next day. By this time it was already 11pm. Time for food and bed!

Thursday was even busier than the day before. I had to be back in the ring to wrestle four more girls at 10 in the morning. All I can say is, “COFFEE AND YAWN.” LOL! Female Cat Fight Time Again! I won some rounds and lost some rounds, but in the end we all laid on top of each other naked, laughing from all the jokes we yelled at each other during the wrestling match. After getting dressed, I ran to set up the booth and then ran to another shoot. Time: 6pm. I shot with three other sexy bitches. We played two games. The first was rock, paper, scissors. Everytime you lost, you took off a piece of clothing. The first girl to lose all her clothing was the loser and had to pay the price. She was going to have someone sit on her face (I want to lose!), someone use a hitachi on her clit (I want to lose!), and get tickled (Oh sh*t! I don’t want to lose!) After a few round I was almost naked, standing there in nothing but panties. Then I played. Round after round I kept winning, keeping my panties on and guess what, I won! No tickling for me! We tortured this poor girl for like 10 minutes after she lost. Then it came time for the second game. It’s almost like “Simon Says” and “Dance Revolution” put together. The loser gets fucked with a strap-on! After twenty minutes of playing this game, I lost. Before we film, the girls and I take a small break. The Meet and Greet Party had started and we decided to climb in the windows naked to wave to everyone and put on a show by sucking theses strap-ons. Then they call us back to start filming. It’s going great until security barges into the room as I’m screaming, “I’m a loser! Fuck me harder!” First they were shocked and then they yelled at us for being naked in the windows and then they left. The whole time, I just kept doggy styling this strap-on, screaming over and over again how I was a loser and  fuck me harder. Oh how I love my holes filled. Then I had to suck myself off the strap-on. (I like being the loser of this game!)

And that was just the beginning of my week at this Con. Next came the wild Meet and Greet Party where I had to explain what had happened…



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