” So, Like Rob and I were at home alone to have dessert last year.  I had a pumpkin pie, but I had forgotten the whip cream.  So, Rob made some for me.  Yup! Freshly milked from his fat dick! It was then I began to crave the cream.  Then straight to cream pies only! “

(Tell me your favorite pie and get 5 mins for free extra as a tasty little treat from me this Thanksgiving!)

Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  Totally gets my juices flowing.  I get to gobble on some nuts.   Serve up a hot rump roast!  AND….of course….DEVOUR some juicy tube steak!  Best of all DESSERT! I love me some cream pies!  How about you and your cock get over here and help me whip one up!  (Excerpt)

Want to know the hottest recipe to the tastiest cream pie?!?  I know you do big boy!  All  you have to do is click here!  Then get your ingredients ready.  Close your eyes and just stir, jerk, stroke and repeat.  Just imaging the creamiest of all creams being churned up through your naughty fantasy.  Then  right before you explode, you reach down and squeeze those balls as you clench that fist around your dick imaging a tight pie hole draining that sweet scream deep inside making the sweetest cream pie ever!