Valentine’s Day is a great day to explore fetishes, don’t you think?

Dear Perverts, it’s that day again. Valentine’s Day. I never used to be much for the rose petals on the bed, wining and dining…but you pervs have brought out another kind of romantic side of me. The kinky romantic fetishes.


Fetishes are one of my favorite types of kinky fun.


Evil Vic asked me if there was anything I had never tried before that I thought could be erotic, and I said YES! Certain fetishes really intrigue me, but let me see if I can get you hard just from watching me play with balloons in my lingerie. Some of you special ones know I love big, bouncy, shiny rubber. I also love making sex toys out of non-sexual objects. Balloons are big, shiny, bouncy, rubber AND I don’t know what it is, but there is something very erotic about them.


I made Vic buy balloons of all sizes, shapes, and colors.


While I waited for him that night, I started blowing and pumping up my balloons. Some were so big I couldn’t use my mouth. The experience of inflating balloons for erotic purposes really turns me on I guess – I started rubbing the bouncy, tight balloon over my body in anticipation, getting hornier with every pump. All I can think of is feeling those balloons pop with Vic’s cock inside me, after giving him a proper tease. I set aside some balloons to blow up for him.

Vic arrived right on time.


I answer the door in a short silk robe and open-toed high heels. Vic looks at me cynically and says, “are you really going to…” and I put my finger to his lips because I’m too horny to let him ruin it. “I said I want to see if I can turn you on like this. It might seem silly but I’m convinced I can.”

“Whatever you say, Justice. If you’re convinced, you can probably convince me”

I take his hand, wrap it around my waist and our bodies press against each other. “Just come with me, I’m convinced”

I take him into my bedroom and my bed is scattered with balloons of all varieties.


Vic stands in front of me, while I kneel on the bed and let my robe fall, showing off my satiny, dark red lingerie. I lay back slightly and look at him. Stretching out a round balloon, I start inflating it with my mouth, pulling on it to make it bigger. I tie the end off, kneel again and seductively sit down on the balloon, Vic watching the air contort the shape slightly and he looks very amused. Then I blow up another round, pink balloon and start to rub it over my tits.

I stretch out a long, purple balloon and I start to blow it up.

Right when this tumescent-looking, purple thing is so full of air it’s starting to curve my weight pops the balloon underneath me. I jump, Vic watching my curves bounce. Amused and turned on by the chaos, I settle my ass down on another much larger red balloon with a lot of give. I start grinding my pussy on it, taking the long, purple balloon and stroking it suggestively while it rests between my tits.

Vic is just standing there, looking pleasantly amused and at least semi-hard. I turn around to bend forward for him, looking back at him. He can clearly see my pussy is throbbing wet and his jaw drops involuntarily. He starts to walk toward me and I wag a finger, “I said hard, not semi-hard.”


There’s something very erotic about the artificial. I understand how some fetishes are born.  


I bounce up and down on this big balloon and all the air forces to the tip, looking like a cartoonish, oversized cock growing between my legs. Licking the long, turgid purple balloon between my tits, I jiggle my ass for Vic a little bit.

“I don’t know how you do it, but you’re turning me on so much”, he smiles. It’s fascinating that some fetishes are so powerful that they fully inhabit a person’s sex life and I imagine this is happening to me.

Vic climbs on the bed behind me and unzips his jeans. He pulls out his cock and rubs it between my satiny ass cheeks. With a firm tug, he pulls my panties down to my knees and fucks me hard, my weight bouncing on the big red balloon. Vic takes one of the smaller balloons and pops it on my high heel while he’s fucking me. That sound and his stroke inside me somehow turns me on to an insane, powerful orgasm. Vic, fucking me doggy style, flips me over and puts my legs on his shoulder and is squeezing my tits between two big balloons. The tension and the anticipation bring him to orgasm when they both pop and the big red balloon under me explodes with a loud bang.


“Weird one, Justice”, he says.


“Weird and hot aren’t mutually exclusive, Vic,” I say. He agrees. The bedroom is decorated with stray balloons and brightly colored rubber shrapnel. We lay in bed and he laughs at me and says, “Is there anything that doesn’t turn you on?” I scoff.

“I should be asking you that, you pervert.”


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