Fetishes: What the Hell is Narratophilia?

Fuck me. I whispered to you as we sat in a room full of people. Hearing those words had an effect on you. I know how much you love when I curse. Though many might not find it ladylike, it’s what turns you on. I want you to shove your big cock in my tight cunt, fuck me! Whispering again, and now you can’t hide it. Now you need me because you’re pants are awful tight. Sex in public is one of my fetishes, but dirty talking, hearing my voice as I tell you all the nastiest things, that’s yours, isn’t?

I love teasing you for you it, too. Knowing that you can’t control yourself once I start dirty talking makes me wet. So I keep it up! C’mon, I know you want to fuck me. I know you want to be inside me. Still whispering in your ear. Your boner is more and more noticeable and it’s starting to be very hard to hide it. I bet you are about to grab me and take me and believe me, I am ready to for you to control me.

Did you like that little snippet? If you did, you are a narratophile. Yes! Narratophilia is a sexual fetish, in which the telling of dirty and obscene words or stories to a partner is sexually arousing. The term is also used for arousal by means of listening to obscene words and stories  Phone sex and narratophilia go hand in hand. What is hotter than a sexy voice on the other side of the phone telling you everything you want to hear. In fact, it is one of the reasons why I love doing what I do. Dirty talking is a passion for me, getting you to orgasm makes me wet.

Let me feed your narratophilia and let’s have some fetish phone sex.

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