Queening and Facesitting Fetishes Take on a Whole New Meaning with Jackie-o-Lantern

You say you adore me and want to serve me. You tell me you will serve me in whatever way I deem necessary, in whatever way will please me most. I listen to your declaration of your exceptional skills in the art of pussy eating. And then you profess how you crave to have my ass seated firmly over your waiting mouth. That queening and facesitting fetishes are what you desire most.

I ponder your words and your pleas. Then a slow smile blooms across my face as an idea forms and takes hold within me. I tell you that if you truly want to feel those smothering sensations you covet, then for Halloween I will give you the opportunity to prove your worthiness.  To see if your face is a throne worthy of a queen.

Let’s put your boisterous claims of your love of all facesitting genre fetishes to the test

The evening begins with you tied down to the bed, having you reiterate your desire to serve me.  When I am satisfied with your pleas, I lean down over to you and whisper I your ear, “very well then, dine greedily and you will serve me well,” and I signal for Jackie to enter.  She stays out of your line of sight, but soon she has climbed on top of you. That’s when you find yourself face to face with her huge, round ass, which I have painted in honor of the holiday.

Jackie starts to lower her extreme girth down upon you, smothering you, as you gasp your last breath of fresh air…

“Now prove to me and Jackie here how skilled you are, or you will never see the light of day again……LOL”



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