Fetishes – Giantess, Shrinking, and Vaginal Vore

Fetishes of the shrinking variety really turn on the waterworks between my legs because it’s not talked about very often. I read some stories on Reddit, but I’d love to have a phone sex chat about it.

The Fantasy Goes Something Like This:

You come home and find me sitting on the couch completely naked. The glint in my eyes tells you I’ve been waiting for you to come home. A smile crosses my face as you approach.

You hear me mutter some words under my breath. When you blink the first time everything seems normal and you take another step closer. You blink again and your perception of my face starts to change.

After a few blinks, you notice you’re no longer standing taller than I am. With each blink of your eyes, I appear taller and larger. At first, you think I’m getting bigger, however, after taking a look around you realize it’s not just me that’s growing.

In a matter of seconds, before you know it, I pick you up and hold you in my hand. I pull you close to me and you feel my firm but soft tits surrounding you. Once I lay on the couch, I order you to crawl.

You love the sensation of my belly against your knees and the feeling of it moving with each breath I take. As you get closer and closer to my pussy, your cock gets harder and harder.

Finally, you make it to my opening and you use your hand to stimulate my clit. The wetness of my pussy coats your hand and the decedent smell is more potent than you ever remember it being before.

You take it upon yourself to lower yourself down between my lips.

They part like curtains for you as your feet slide in. My moans are more intense and louder than ever before. You use your feet to kick my g spot. Sliding even farther inside of me, your kicks intensify and you drive them into my g spot.

I’m gasping for air and when you make me cum, you can feel it squirting all over your shrunken body. That sensation alone is enough to make you tip over the edge into an orgasm.

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