Journey with Me into the Erotic World of One of my Favorites Fetishes

As Fetishes go, this one is a bit messy. So our journey into sploshing starts with me laying down a plastic sheet, a tarp, or even bubble wrap on the floor to protect it from becoming a mess. We don’t need the distraction of worrying about the clean up afterward. This is about enjoying and feeling and experiencing – I don’t want anything taking away from that.

I instruct my cooperative submissive to lie down, and then with a silk rope or silk scarf, I bind his wrists together. This shows my sensual sub that he is under my control… that you are under my control. I have all the power – all the control over your body and mind. The room is lit with candles which sets a softer more intimate setting.

I straddle your body, and as I lean into you I whisper softly, “Relax and close your eyes.” I instruct you to listen to the sound of my voice as I tell you about each and every touch. You feel the warmth of my breath on your skin; the ever-so-light touch of my fingers across your body.

Even though you wonder when the sploshing part of our encounter will begin, you let yourself fall deeper into the spell I am weaving. I will not yell at you, and I may not even call you names, but it is without question that I am the intoxicating temptress that is going to have your body quivering.

I can see your growing curiosity for one of my fetishes already

The teasing continues with some sensual massage and body oil to relax you and take you deeper into the moment. You are fixated on the soft physical contact I impart on your erogenous zones; I use my fingertips, my lips, my tongue, and my very breath until you are rock hard. I love flicking my tongue across your cock, watching as it twitches at my demands.

Now I have the chocolate syrup and I begin to squeeze it over your body, starting at your neck and working my way down. You feel my tongue licking at it, you feel my hands rubbing the sweetness over your body, using the heat of my hands and body to smear it over every inch of your skin, taking you to the edge and back…over and over and over. Just remember I decide when you will get that release.



As you can see, there are many fetishes to delve into. Let’s start our erotic journey together with a sensual sploshing encounter. Call my phone sex line and I will take control of your body and mind, guiding you through such delicious experiences. We’ll have an explosive and satisfying adult chat together.

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