I knew he had a wrestling fetish — but he didn’t know I had one, too.

There’s nothing about sexy play-fighting, especially a wrestling fetish that doesn’t appeal to me. It’s a fun, kinky way to get sweaty (and sweat all over your partner or partners) before the real workout session begins. Professional, competitive, “major league” sports bore me. Wrestling as foreplay — or even sans fucking — turns me on.

Much to my delight this morning, my sex phone‘s first rings today came from a new client who wanted me to referee his fantasy girl-on-girl wrestling match. Not only did the new ladies wrestling fetishist in my life know exactly what he wanted, niche kink-wise, he even had a phone sex script prepared. And, best of all, he wrote his filthy women’s wrestling smut from the referee’s perspective, i.e., my perspective. I was pretty excited.

Watching those muscular ladies grapple so barbarically, full-body contact, no holds barred, desperately yet strategically trying to pin each other is fucking hot. Oh, and doing all of that in those skimpy leotard costumes? Mmmm. This was exactly the kind of brutal, homoerotic theater, pseudo-sapphic spectacle I’d pay to watch anyway. But damn, getting PAID to get up close and personal while I counted the “loser” out, watching her pinned and helpless? Even better! HELL fucking YES.

Hearing her moan as she’s pinned completely is fucking priceless.

I’ve always sought out sexual partners who share my sense of playfulness. Because I like those who have desires to “roughhouse,” who also see wrestling as building erotic, visceral momentum. And it’s just fucking fun. For me, a “good fuck” is the kind of sex that leaves me gasping for breath and soaking wet with sweat. And something else. Ready to cum find out what that “something else” is for yourself? Maybe lick it off all these oh-so-fierce opponents’ tight, toned, spandexed butts?? Perfect. I’m right here, waiting for your call! So pick up the phone.