The fetish ANR (adult nursing relationship) is exactly what it says.

Yes, you are nursed off of your girlfriend’s breast. This fetish can also be linked to the adult baby fetish and the adult diaper fetish. Are you ready to call her mommy and suck all the milk out of her titties? Well, let me educate you because it’s not going to happen overnight. Some fetishes take planning and this is one of them, about 6 months of planning to be exact.

With the help of her doctor, it can happen.

Blood work is needed to check the number of levels of the hormones in her body, once they are verified she can begin the induced lactation therapy. Needed on average of 6 months of hormone therapy, the doctor will prescribe a cocktail. Containing in this cocktail will be a combination of progesterone, estrogen, and human placental lactogen. Blood will be drawn every 2 months to check hormone levels and adjust the medicine as needed. When the doctor clears her from the medication she will have to invest in a good electric breast pump. From here on out she will need to pump 3 to 5 times a day for 15 to 20 minutes on each breast. to keep the milk supply replenishing.

This fetish takes a lot of time, commitment, and money.

Most insurances don’t cover the cost of hormone therapy for a woman who is not pregnant or in menopause. Females that indulge in this fetish with their man have said that since they have induced lactation they have noticed a significant weight loss and their boobs are bigger and fuller. Along with these benefits also comes intimacy. Couples that have that experience ANR talk about how it has brought them closer and even saved some relationships that were on the verge of ending.

I think that maybe I should talk to my doctor and see about trying this.

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