Fetish Sex Goddesses and How I finally found my Sweet Spot

Being a fetish sex goddess is my not-so-secret key to my outrageous long-term success as a phone sex operator.   Recently I went on a weekend getaway to a kink convention.  What was extra special about this convention was that it was a woman-only fetish fest.  And, the best part was that most of the women there were also phone sex operators.  Just like me.  Of course, a Sisterhood of Hotness Retreat was a true fetish sex goddess dream.  It’s where I could get down and hopefully extremely dirty.  In fact, it’s making my pussy throb just thinking about it.   And when I found out that the topic for our meet-up was “What is a Fetish? And do you have one?” I nearly creamed my panties right then and there.

Your Best Call is Just a Touch Away

Meeting all of the girls played right into my very own darkly erotic fetish that I’ve kept secret, one that I limit indulging in for fear that I’ll become an addict.  Can I dive in this weekend?  Dare I share this very kinky part of me?  And if I do, will my desires consume me in the presence of so many delightful bodies to act out those fetishes?

Are You Longing To Be My Next Fetish?

My alter Dominatrix ego was tingling with anticipation at the chance to play.  The dominant side of me and my flogger’s hand was itching to get at those sweet hot asses.  Flogging is one of my guilty pleasures.  I adore being flogged, but my inner Domme really woke up the first time I gave a good spanking.  I love building the mood of a BDSM scene with a new Sub.  Then when the scene has been set, I revel in spreading red marks on the hot body under my control.  The seductive feeling that fills my body, and ultimately my pussy, is intoxicating.  Of course, my inner fetish sex goddess was screaming in pleasure.

Let’s Be Play Partners

All types of women have been part of my fantasy life for a while.  Of course,  I often check out other operators’ sites to do research and get off.   After all, these are the women who have taught me to have the best phone sex in so many ways.  My first crush in the phone sex world was a butch girl.  A switch bitch and hot submissive willing to bend over for her Mistress made my pussy clench when I read her profile.  Which is precisely what a fetish sex goddess wants.

Then there was a hot little redhead that made me ache at the thought of how rough she could take it.  After that, a true fetish sex lover, a Latina, made me long to make her my strapon bitch.  After my first two-girl call at the Kingdom, all I could think about was how I wanted to make two subs scream at once with pain and pleasure—loud enough to wake the neighbors.

How High Does Your Freak Flag Fly?

The slutty little Catholic girl turned bad was another fetish sex goddess at the retreat willing to confess it all to the right Mistress.  Of course, I wanted to be that Mistress. Right after, I met a girl that looked too young to even be there. Of course, I found myself longing to play her mommy and teach her all the best ways to please a pussy while getting her ass whipped.  Maybe even fulfill my cum eating queen fantasy as well.

I practically start shaking with orgasmic pleasure at the idea of getting two of the girls at once into a smoking hot threesome that ends with me making them beg for more.  Of course, I’m aching to line every one of them up in front of me.  Clad in my leather, I’ll show them how a flogger can be the path to ecstasy at the hand of my now not-so-inhibited inner Dominatrix.  I truly am a fetish sex goddess at heart, aren’t I?

Allow Me to Be Your Fetish Sex Goddess

The secret to a successful flogging session is the buildup.  Running my fingers lightly down her back is just the start.  The next step is light tapping to get the skin all pink and ready.  Sliding my arms up to hers as I tie her hands above her head and pressing my dripping pussy against that hot ass gets her breathing just a little faster.  Pushing my knee between her legs as I run my finger against her quivering pussy and whisper in her ear, “I want to hear you roar with pain.”   The flogger moves quickly in my hand to land with a loud smack as she screams in pleasure.  And that is just the beginning of the fun… The fetish sex goddess is finally unleashed.


As I walk towards the group of hot bikini-clad bodies by the pool, all I can think is…”Who’s ass is mine”?