Two fetish freaks are better than one!

On my days off this week, a fetish was heavy on my mind. Specifically, I was thinking of finding a nasty little slut to add to my fun. Someone I could really use and abuse as hard as I wanted. Of course, only one girl crossed my mind…sweet little Carter! She’s just perfect for what I have in mind.

Sure, playing with Carter on my own would be extremely satisfying but it’s you who really makes this the perfect fantasy for me. Together we can do the most sensual, the most depraved, the most satisfying things to her young body. With you in charge and me acting as your sadistic assistant, we could have the most splendid evening!

Just imagine…

Little Carter dressed in her cute little sundress, her adorable makeup accentuating her bright, eager eyes. Imagine the brittle smile on her face, trying to hide her fear of being at our mercy. And us, standing side by side like Queen and King, ready to administer justice to our subject.

Imagine us approaching her, circling like sharks as we look her over as if she was a prize show dog.  I’d stop behind her back, wrapping my hand around her neck and applying the slightest bit of downward pressure. She’s such an intuitive little bitch, that she sinks to her knees instantly, shaking in anticipation of what’s to come.

The possibilities are endless with Carter and me. Perhaps you don’t feel like a helping hand with your Dominance fetish. That’s just fine with us, even I crave to be tamed every once in a while, and you’ve caught me in a month where I will generously submit to you, dear. The two of us can be your nasty little cum dumpsters for the night and treat you to the sweetest delights our bodies and minds have to offer.

Carter and I are available for this delicious fetish phone sex Wednesdays and Fridays from 9 pm-midnight EST, and Saturday from 9 pm-1 am EST.

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