fetish play has always been a favorite.

Dear Perverts, why am I keeping it so vague? Am I not a woman? Am I just a something now? I can explain. A couple days ago I left one of my subs so brain-dead that he couldn’t even think of the words to describe me after he came so hard, so he just called me a “sensual little something”. I took it as a compliment. Just thought you might like to know.I love fetish play.

But that’s not what we’re talking about. We’re talking about a certain fetish.


One of my favorites, in fact! None other than the sexy, silky, tantalizing pantyhose fetish. Thank god for inventing seamless pantyhose. It took long enough. No gussets, lumps or bumps getting in between me and my orgasm! Just tight, silky smoothness, edging me to a fetishistic height of arousal. Nothing like how that clingy nylon makes everything more sensitive, more sensual…

My new boy toy has a serious pantyhose fetish.


I feel like a very lucky girl! I love a man who isn’t afraid to get naughty in a part of pantyhose. He likes to wear them while I tie him up and tease him in all sorts of kinky ways. How, Justice? You’re being so vague! Well, I didn’t ask him if I could tell you exactly what we do, so it’s a secret…but I can tell you this much: He loves it. There is nothing more glorious than watching ropes of cum shoot through a pair of pantyhose. Hearing and seeing him cum hard from all of that sensual teasing. I love it too! It’s my favorite fetish!


Have you ever tried playing with pantyhose?


Everyone has something kinky that turns them on. That’s one of the beautiful things about this world of sex. Whether it’s a fetish or just a fantasy, bring it to your girl. If it turns you on, I can turn it up. Being a man is hard (pun intended). You deserve a treat.

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