There are no limits to what a fetish meaning might be.

Only you and I can give the word (and your/my/our particular) fetish meaning. A fetish could be anything. It could be something very established, genre-wise (“foot fetish” or “stocking fetish,” etc), or it could be specific and unique to your own masturbation fodder.

The beauty of fetishes is that they aren’t mutually exclusive. In fact, many of them are richer, deeper (and more perverted) in tandem. And they get even deeper and kinkier the more you combine together in a delicate medley of perverted role-play fun.

One of my favorite fetish combos is humiliation phone sex and edging/JOI. I am a humiliatrix, after all. If I’m going to have to instruct you how to do something as simple as jerking your own dick . . . how could I NOT humiliate you simultaneously??

Another one of my pet duo fetish calls is age play confessions and humiliation. I guess pretty much anything combined with humiliating you senseless gets my pussy wet. But hey, what better (healthy, safe) restorative justice could there be than un-reassuring you that your sick thoughts are, in fact, sick and twisted?? None, in my (not so humble) opinion!

Another way I love to explore your (maybe deeply closeted, top-secret) fetish is as your sexy confidante during GFE phone sex. I promise whatever your secret kink is, I will enjoy indulging it. I swear on everything unholy, actually!! Your wife/girlfriend/etc is missing out not engaging with you in that way. Cum let me do what she won’t.

The more fetishes, the better. And the more “unusual” or off the (beating off) “beaten path” the better. What are you waiting for? I’m right here, just fantasizing about answering your taboo fetish call!!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke