Fetish Meaning – Types of Transformation

This blog is about the fetish meaning of transformation. This phone sex girl gets a lot of questions about it since it’s listed on my page.

Werewolf Transformation

Werewolf transformation is probably the most common transformation fetish call I get. The stories vary, but one or both of us turn into a primal beast with basic needs and always hungry for rough sex. It’s very passionate and fueled by instinct and desire.

Feminine Transformation

Now, I don’t know if this is exactly what it’s called, however, it’s what I call it. It’s the art of turning a man into a beautiful woman. This is the second most common type of transformation I get. I love making him stand in front of a huge mirror while this form of transformation happens. I want him to see his features soften because I want him to know he’s becoming a girl.

Object Transformation

This one isn’t as common, but it’s still fun and totally worth putting here. It’s when I turn someone into something. Usually, this is a pair of panties so that I can play with myself in them. It’s the feeling of my wetness smeared all over them that’s so erotic.

Some fantasies, I transform (or change) and others I do the transformation to the other person. Either way, I have an awesome time. It’s that sense of losing control. In some cases, I think it’s like total power exchange because it is. At least, to an extent.

It isn’t just about the physical transformation because there’s a mental one too. A headspace change, if you will. The dominant beast, the submissive female, or the object that observes and feels, but is powerless to do anything.

In my humble opinion, it’s more the mental, which is why phone sex is great for this fetish. Sadly, it’s unrealistic that this would happen in real life, but that’s why I do my best to really bring the fantasy to life.

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