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My latest conquest Joe, loved each time we would explore all his role play fantasies. One weekend, I planned an endless escape of fantasies that would keep him hungry for hours. There’s nothing better than pushing his buttons, as we explored pegging, cuckold cum dumpster, strap-on play mixed with the perfect combination of tease and denial.

This weekend, he didn’t have the choice, as I took control of his fetish masturbation activity.  Do you think you can give me complete power? Just imagine, giving me the complete power, as I tease you. Most men, find this a challenge.  Joe realized very quickly just how rewarding the out-cum would be. Setting up the atmosphere ( not ignoring any details) was half the fun. “Relax” I whispered. I want you to slowly stroke your cock for me, as you listen to my naughty fantasies about the cheating wife, horny MILF, sexy teacher or naughty daughter. Anything goes and the fantasy can take a wild twist in any direction. How’s your cock feeling now? lil laugh> Twitching and getting stiff? Hold on the best is yet to cum

Joe actually thought I was going to be easy on him? How presumptuous! This was going to be a weekend of build up!  My goal was to push his limits, as I made him whimper, beg, and plead with pleasure. I couldn’t resist pulling out my toy box of fun. Everyone knows how much I love my vibrators, dildo and most of all my strap-on. Are you ready to find out why I am the Goddess of pegging? I love that a man can give himself to me and do as I wish.

Strap on play was a warm-up for the threesome.  Joe loved watching me with other men. He easily became my hungry cuckold lover, as I introduced Felix into the bedroom. I especially enjoy pushing a man to give me the power over our relationship. I love playing the cheating wife. Do you have a need to watch your woman getting fucked by another man?  Maybe you know, but it’s the thrill that turns you on.  Hungry to service your wife before and after! Dressing her up to go to another man. Waiting or watching, as she gets completely satisfied. The role plays are endless. Give all your control to me. Starving to explore this alternative lifestyle? No worries I know I can push your buttons to have you dig deeper into your hidden desires.

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