Sara’s fetish has a name! Katoptronophilia Arousal!

Do you know what Katoptronophilia Arousal is? Well, I am really into it and I had no idea it had a name! Can you guess what kind of fetish it is? I bet it turns you on too!

I love having sex in front of a mirror.  Which is what this fetish is all about! Watching yourself have sex in a mirror- alone or with someone else.  I think it started with me when I was very young. I was touching myself at a very very early age. Also, I remember curling up with my lil blanket and rubbing it against my pussy. I figured out that when I put my finger inside my tight pussy, I could make myself feel spasms inside of me. Just loved it. I would place myself in front of a full-length mirror and spread my legs wide. I would watch how my little young pussy stretched as I put my finger or something else inside me. Moving it in and put made me crazy and I loved it! I loved sticking my hairbrush into my tight little pussy.

 Masturbating and fucking in front of a mirror is still a huge turn on for me. I love watching how my body moves, and my pussy expands while you enter your cock into me. Love watching our bodies move together. Then you cum and I get to watch it ooze onto on my body.

Do you want to fuck me in front of a mirror? Maybe you are into Katoptronophilia Arousal- just like me!

Call me and we can watch it while we touch ourselves!

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