That is my fetish!

Have you ever been watching porn or reading a hot story and thought “Hey! That is my fetish!”? I know I have! You don’t always have a name for that thing that turns you on, but when you discover there’s a name, sometimes you find a whole group of people who like it, too! Plus, you’re able to find all the porn that’s hottest to you!

This week I want to talk about JOI phone sex. JOI is short for Jerk Off Instructions. During a JOI call, what you do is completely up to me which is why these are some of my favorite calls!

First, I’ll tell you to take out that cock of yours and start to stroke it. I want that cock nice and hard before you can do anything else with it. Then, if your cock is big enough, I might tell you to tease your cock and rub just the head of it for a bit. Really tease yourself and enjoy it.

I’ll probably have you slide your other hand down and get a nice grip on your balls and give them a squeeze. When I hear you start to moan, I’ll tell you to stop touching yourself altogether. You’re not very happy about this, but I don’t let you touch yourself until you stop being a little bitch.

Then I let you go back to long, full strokes.

We go back and forth like this for a bit until I’ve had my fun with you and your cock. Then I start telling you to stroke it nice and fast because I want you to cum for me. I want you to have as much fun as I have been having. You, of course, follow my command. It doesn’t take long until you cum nice and hard for me.

If you’re really good, I might even tell you to lick it up!


Did you just think “Hey, that is my fetish”?

Hot Phone Sex