What Fetish Drives You Forward?

We all have that secret or not-so-secret fetish that moves us.  Some of us have a love for beautiful feet.  Just the site of lickable toes wiggling from open-toed shoes is enough to drive some people crazy.  There are other more obscure fetishes such as the burp fetish!  There are many exciting xxx sex stories about our secret desires!

Anyway, I went on this hot date when I was in high school.  I remember being beyond happy because I had been looking at him for months.  In high school time that seems like an eternity! My crush’s name was Brian.  One day Brian came up to me after a class and asked me in a quiet voice if we could go out on a date.

The day was like a blur to me.  I wanted everything to be perfect.  Brian showed up on time to my door.  He looked fabulous dressed in jeans and a black top!  That night I remember I wore a blue sundress and open-toe white sandals.

My mind was trying to piece out why he looked down at my feet first before my face.  Brushing this off to nerves, we headed for Brian’s car.  Dinner was a pleasant affair.  After dinner, we took a romantic walk.  I loved the feel of our hands together.  The warmth sent a shiver down my spine.

Those brown, captivating eyes were so dreamy.  I didn’t see the rock that was in the path.  Darn, my lack of attention to the path made me twist my ankle.  Brian was such a gentleman, he helped me to a bench so we could inspect the ankle.

I rested my foot on his lap. 

Was it just me or was Brian hard under his pants?  The bulge of his cock pressed my ankle.  Deftly Brian removed my sandal.  Gently he massaged the sides of my foot.  Playfully, he lifted my foot to his mouth and kissed my ankle.  I laughed as it tickled a little.  Kisses turned to playful nibbles along my toes.  I had never met a man who loved feet until now.  This revelation was both new and exciting.  My panties started to become damp from the sheer arousal of his lips brushing my toes.

The licking of his insistent tongue worked from my toes to the souls.  I let out a moan and a giggle as Brian’s tongue licked over and over again.  My twisted mind wondered if he loved the feel of my foot resting on top of his hard cock.  The vision of him on his knees as I made him weak with my feet brought an instant smile to my face.

Cursed night was flying by too fast!  I wanted to try more, to feel more, to learn all this man had inside of him.  I’d love to know what desires you possess inside.  Share your thoughts with me by phone.

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