That is my fetish!

Have you ever been watching a porn or reading a hot story and thought “Hey! That is my fetish!”? I know I have! You don’t always have a name for that thing that turns you on, but when you discover there’s a name, sometimes you find a whole group of people who like it, too! Plus, you’re able to find all the porn that’s hottest to you!

This week it’s all about GFE! Don’t know what that is yet? That’s okay, I’m here to help! I can let you know all about your new favorite fetish!

GFE stands for Girlfriend Experience. The short answer is that means whatever you want in a relationship, the GFE provider is there to give it to you. Do you like long conversations about books? Do you want to chat about your day? I am here for you, whatever you want.

Now for the longer answer: GFE is all about the stuff outside of sex.

Talking about your day or your interests, really getting to know each other. After all, what makes hotter sex than really knowing each other? I want to really get to know you and know everything about you. The closer we get, the better the sex will get!

We can talk about all of your interests, be they sexual or intellectual. Let’s really get to know each other, the sex will only get better and better the more we get to know each other! We can get as naughty or as nice as you want it to be!

So cum on, what are you waiting for? Let’s start getting to know each other! I can assure you, I’m worth the time! Let me be your very best girlfriend experience phone sex slut!

You won’t want to go anywhere else 😉

Did you just think “Hey, that is my fetish”?

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