Fetish Phone Sex is always the best served in the hands of a Princess Phone Sex Girl!

Do you have a fetish? Guys love it when their favorite Princess visits them at the beach for a little fetish fun! Do you know who that Princess is? If you guess me, you’re right!!!!
So, I have all of those naughty old fuckers wrapped around my pretty little-manicured hand! It’s amazing to hear them moan and groan to the sound of my sweet little voice telling them all the naughty things I want them to do for me! I love watching them do it, nothing makes me happier actually than watching mister stupid fumble over pleasing me.

My favorite thing is waking up to this older guy named Stan, and taking his balls in my hand and having a little adult chat.

You seek, Stan likes a little bit of CBT, so I always joke with him about the sharks coming to get him as I dig my greedy little nails into his tender ball sack! He loves it so much!

It’s amazing seeing his face grimace as those cute little sharky nails dig into his tender flesh! Therefore fulfilling all of his fetish desires!

I’m fairly certain that he doesn’t quite realize how far I have him wrapped around my pretty little finger. But he will when he sees his bank statement at the end of the month! Seeing that my pretty little hands not only drained his cock of all of its cum but his BANK ACCOUNT! Of all of its money!

So, Like all of the greedy older men out there my dear pet Stan loves to spoil me and make me so happy! It’s amazing to listen to him whimper and beg as I tease him into submission. Allowing him the RIGHT to please me with his presence. I’m the only thing important to his life. If it weren’t for me, he may as well give up.

It’s guys like Stan that form girls into beautiful Taboo Phone Sex Queens such as Queen Nicole!

Allowing the pretty young princesses of the world to manipulate them and drain them of their desire to be real men! Finally becoming puppets at the simple tug of a hot young thing! You can’t control yourself. You are no match for a hot Queen like myself. On your knees where you belong doggy, you’ve got some begging to do.