Fetish is such a broad term. It should be more like a Spectrum

My go-to fetish, that I love to watch, do, I just can NOT get enough of.

is so simple, but it makes me hot, so hot.

Giving a handjob wearing nothing but heels.

In my heart a true submissive, but I admit…

I feel nothing less of power when I’m in the element of my secret vanilla fetish.

A Fuck Buddy of mine had a shoe fetish, only for sky-high heels. We always got each other off, scratched our fetish itch. They were hot fucking heels too! Black velour peep-toes. Drug my toe slowly over his zipper, and plucked at his zipper with my heel…
He kept telling me I had to stop or he would cum in his pants.
I Told him to Shhhhh…. and sit on his hands.

I teased him a while Longer with my sexy  6 inch Heels

Then I took them off and handed them to him
As he held them I undid his pants, and watched as his cock SPRANG up!

He was ROCK SOLID and dripping

I settled between his thighs and watched as he caressed my heels

He rubbed them all over his face.
His neck.
His chest.

Pouring the lube all over his cock, the cool liquid made him draw in a breath.

With warm Hands, I Started stroking, and he started clutching my heels, pulling it tightly to his chest.
I massaged his balls with one hand while slowly fucking him with my hand.
Sliding my opened fist around his hardness.
Moving my wrist in a circular motion

Sitting between his legs teasing his cock with my nails. I told him to put my heels on my feet. High heels and his shoe fetish ran so deep, I could feel him swelling and throbbing as he slid them onto my feet.

Our Fetish got serious at this point. Id then sit facing him Tease his shaft with the velour and drive him crazy pumping that bulbous head. Id beg him not to mess my new heels up, cum ruins velour and suede.

Believe me, our hot little fetish demons, have ruined so many. But then again we love going shoe shopping, and I secretly love jerking him off all over a 300$ pair of sky-high heels.

*Pouty Face*

Cum share your fetish with me, we will have a little naughty adult chat & Just listening to how hot it gets you drives me wild, and incredibly wet. Nervous to say it aloud? Don’t be… however worried you are about scaring me off, or me being crept. I pinky promise YOU may need to be the one worried, I’m a dirty fuck slut. *wink* Fetish and Crazy phone sex with Anna maybe your newest addiction.

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