Fetish like desires for a hot body dressed in sexy lingerie is a constant.

Getting all dressed up and ready for Fetish Phone Sex you are going to get a show out of every little thing I do. If you know me at all you know how much I love the spotlight. You coming home from work with me in stockings, heels, and a sexy little matching bra and panty set. This always sets the mood that I’m ready to layout the theatrics for a good time with my man. I want to give you all the details that make the little hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Your rock-hard cock stands at attention when I embellish my fantasy of you. I want you to come in and get comfortable because the show is about to begin.

Walking through the door in your blue suit makes my pussy get wet. The excitement of it all sends my heart racing. I’m all ready for you to take in, for you to see what a sexy little bitch I really am. Paying attention to how you’re going to get it so good tonight. I’m wearing that bra and panty set you sent over to me earlier today. I have been wanting to wear it for you since I opened the beautifully wrapped box. Even the tissue that held my new chantilly lace told the story of desire and longing.

I took great care in getting ready for you tonight.

Unable to focus after receiving my gift to give you I watched some porn. I seriously got worked up over the redhead and the brunette making out and feeling each other’s curves. Seeing how sultry they looked in their lingerie created a major craving for your dick and some role play phone sex. Visions of us playing with a foxy redhead flashed before me as I washed my hair. Styling myself from head to toe before lighting the candles reminded me just how much we look forward to each other still. You are always what I want and need.

Seeing my body held in so tight by garters and stockings had your blood boiling on arrival. You couldn’t wait to get your hands all over me. Telling you to have a seat so you could truly enjoy the fetish show excited you even more. I wiggled my ass in your face until you needed to have me, to take me. Grabbing me and tackling me to the floor like a caveman catching his prey. I have become your feast for the night and you will have total satisfaction from your meal. Undressing me slowly building anticipation inside of my tight little pussy. Pressing your face between my thighs you devoured me. Enjoying every juicy lick of my taste and grunting while you consumed me.

I came so hard I thought I was losing my mind. Feeling your big strong hands grip me again almost scooping me up to you from the small of my back. Looking deep into my eyes and telling me you were just getting started.

Guided Masturbation