Previously from Fetish Explorations: Somnophilia – A Sleeping Fetish Obsession (Pt 1)…

Loosening the walls within, you twist and pull at the reluctant muscles, pushing in and out, letting a second finger join the first. You continue to finger fuck that sweet pucker hole. Your sleeping fetish riding you hard, needing to stretch it even further in anticipation of what’s to come. 

            …the story continues…

You’re salivating with anticipation; you’ve decided on the first hole to bury your aching cock into – her mouth.  You move closer to her head, not only continuing the assault to her brown canal but adding yet another finger to the mix. Opening her mouth wide, you push your now rock-hard cock past her waiting lips.

It slides in so easily, and the feeling is euphoric – the fact that you have your neighbor at your sleeping fetish mercy pushes the sensations to new heights. Then you start to pump in and out of her mouth, fucking it, losing yourself to the moist warmth of her mouth as she lay oblivious to what is happening to her.

You feel the head of your cock hit the back of her throat. Then you push further, harder, forcing the head down deeper, forcing her to deep-throat you.  You could blow your load right then and there, but you hold back – you have two more holes to stake claim to.  She still doesn’t stir from her assault – and you have much more you want to do to her sleeping body.

You then move back between her legs, readying yourself to enter her waiting pussy.  You spread her lifeless legs wide and plunge deep and hard into her gaping slit.  She is hot and surprisingly tight around your shaft, and you immediately start fucking her relentlessly, your tight balls slapping up against her ass; pounding harder with each thrust.

You lose yourself in the euphoria of your sleeping fetish

You continue your hastened pace, reveling in her now very wet pussy. Her juices flow freely down over her open back door, trickling inside it, lubricating it, readying it for the next onslaught.  Whispering in her ear you say, You might not realize it, but your pussy sure as hell knows you’re getting the fucking of your life.”.  You feel the swell of cum forming within your ball sack, but you do not allow yourself the sweet release – not yet.  This is not where you want to deposit your steaming hot cum – not yet anyway.

You pull completely out and set your sites lower.  She is like a rag doll as you turn her over, pushing her knees under her.  You think to yourself if she only knew that she was presenting her ass to me, begging me to fuck her brown star.  You take a moment to enjoy the feast that is placed before you. A feast made for your sleeping fetish. So seemingly willing, tracing the edges of your next conquest with your thumb.

           …to be continued…


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