The Diary of a Sleeping Fetish Obsessionist

You finally see your opening – you’ve fantasized about it, how it would be to penetrate each and every orifice of your sexy MILF of a neighbor. Well, not while she’s conscience anyway – that wouldn’t sate your sleeping fetish needs, now would it.  No, your plans don’t include her being awake for the festivities. You have planned it out in your mind so many times; have even gone so far as to get a supply of soporific for the opportune moment to arise.

And here it is – you are sitting in her home, engaging in light conversation, a hint of flirtation in the air; she has just asked if you wouldn’t mind getting a couple of aspirin for her from the kitchen.  You smile innocently, tell her you would be happy to, and go to the kitchen to get a glass of water and the requested pills.  But instead of an aspirin, you give her the soporific.  Before you know it, she is in a deep sleep, sedated heavily.

You seize the moment and quickly relieve her of her clothing.  Starting at her nipples, you suck on them deeply, nibbling on them, pinching them.  You watch for any signs of stirring on her part – none is to be found.  The excitement builds in you as the bulge in your pants can attest to.  You strip your own clothes off quickly and position yourself between her limp legs.

You start your exploration of her moist pussy, spreading her pink lips to get a clear view.  As you plunge three fingers all at once into her, you twist and pump in and out, hard and faster with each thrust.

Your Heart Beats wildly with the realization that you living out your Sleeping Fetish Dreams

You bring your face down for a taste, letting your tongue roll around her clit, darting in and out of her now-wet slit.  She is as sweet as you have dreamed she would be.  You lap and suckle and bite playfully at her snatch, enjoying your prize.  Penetrating her slit with your tongue, and your fingers, you probe deeper and harder, searching for that elusive spot, until you find that undeniable bean-like spot inside her.

You work it until you feel her juices flow freely from her, and drink from her deeply, greedily.  You look up and still, she does not wake, even through her orgasm.  Thinking to yourself with a chuckle, you ponder if you should have given her only one pill.

You then bring your attention to her tight little sphincter. You slide one wet finger slowly but firmly into her waiting asshole, all the while continuing your meal.  Loosening the walls within, you twist and pull at the reluctant muscles, pushing in and out, letting a second finger join the first, now finger fucking that sweet pucker hole, stretching it even further in anticipation for what’s to come.

            …to be continued…


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