Previously from Fetish Explorations: Somnophilia – A Sleeping Fetish Obsession (Pt 2)…

You pull completely out and set your sites lower.  She is like a rag doll as you turn her over, pushing her knees under her.  You think to yourself if she only knew that she was presenting her ass to me, begging me to fuck her brown star.  You take a moment to enjoy the feast that is placed before you. A feast made for your sleeping fetish. So seemingly willing, tracing the edges of your next conquest with your thumb.


            …the story continues…

You bring your tongue down to her inviting asshole, licking at the rim, tasting her juices there, inhaling her scent, then plunging it in as far as you can, tongue fucking her pucker hole.  You can’t wait any longer; it is time.

Then you place the head of your throbbing cock at her now loosened ass, glistening with her juices and your saliva, pleading for you to enter her.  You oblige and lean forward, pushing your weight against her as you force your way inside.  You’re surprised to find she is still so very tight.  Ecstasy at last – the walls of her anus squeeze firmly around your shaft as you push inside her completely until at last your balls are resting against her ass cheeks.

Showing no mercy, you begin your assault on that hole of hers; thrusting with such force her face is sure to have brush burns.  Over and over again you pound her insides, stretching them beyond capacity, your fingers digging deep into the flesh on her hips, pulling her to you with each violation.  She is not going to be able to sit for a week, you think to yourself.

A smile crosses your face with the thought of how your fetish will affect her, without even realizing it.

With that, you plunge one last forceful time and your cock explodes inside her, spewing the walls of her ass with wave after wave after wave of your steaming cum, emptying a seemingly endless supply of semen into her.

You’re utterly spent – you have never known such intensity before.  As you regain control of your faculties, you slowly withdraw from her.  You can see your cum in her gaping hole, filled to the brim.  You find her panties and hastily put them on her. Your ball juice has started to dribble out some, and you want the panties to catch each and every drop, smearing your jism into every crevice and cranny.

You decide to help your spunk make its way into her snatch. Using two fingers, you scoop a glob of the still-warm cream and plunge them inside her still-sopping snatch. You push in as far as your fingers will reach, twist them a few good but harsh times, and then withdraw them. Content and pleased with your last act, you finish dressing her, prop her up on the couch, and dress as well.

Damn, you really love your sleeping fetish – it feeds something deep within your very soul

Turning to leave, you stop for a moment and decide to go back into the kitchen once more.  You reach for the bottle of aspirin, empty the contents into the sink, and replace them with the supply of pills that have granted you your greatest wish.

You will wait and watch now, spying on her every move. Until at last, you see her reaching for relief from a bottle of seemingly innocent aspirin, and you will be there to once again feed your sleeping fetish addiction.


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