Today’s fetish definition: gooning.

I learned a new fetish definition today: gooning. Although apparently I’ve participated in/guided “gooning” many times, I hadn’t yet heard that (apparently somewhat older) term. Gooning refers to the state achieved after edging when all the blood has long gone to your other head and you can’t even think anymore.

If you’re looking for gooning with a femdom phonesex edge (no pun intended), I can help you with that. I can’t help but enjoy teasing men during long edging calls. After all, I’m a dominatrix! Gooning is your fetish and findom is mine. The longer I edge you, the more of your money you get to say goodbye to. See what I mean? I’m going to put you in a deep, dark trance. You will be my puppet.

Gooning takes edging past its furthest extremes.

Today I had the pleasure of meeting a new caller who dropped this term early in our call. Gooning is certainly what he did (and I created) during the call, basically merging what’s left of his mind with his cock, his erection. Or in the case of this caller, his perpetually semi-flaccid dick! Apparently, a common side effect of being a chronic masturbator/lifestyle goon-ist is the inability to ever get actually hard. You know, to get to 100%. Poor goons, huh?

Gooning also pairs well with forced intox, in my opinion. What better way to “ruin” any erection you might have than to make you drink more? Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be whiskey for you to get “whiskey dick.” Today’s special goon was a popper enthusiast, which made my perverted heart go pitter patter. My favorite forced intox substance of all is poppers. Non-addictive, but will make you feel absolutely WASTED for about 30 seconds at a time.

Ready to lose what’s left of your mind (and self) for an afternoon? Or maybe all night? Call my no limits, no taboos gooning phone sex hotline. I’m right here, waiting to (finish) melting your brain. Take your hand off your dick for 30 seconds and pick up the phone!