Fetish? oh yes

ABDL fetish is the norm in our house as is humiliation phone sex . I could hear your bulky infant style diaper crinkling. You are rock hard just from seeing me. I am wearing sexy clothes and lingerie around the house as always, which has you very aroused constantly on the edge. When baby Brad is good I will gently rub the tip of your wiener and will even play with your little pee-pee and give you cummies. I know you are thinking of the baby lotion I often rub on your super sensitive pee-pee in your wet and messy diapers. Then you politely ask “I was wondering if maybe you could change my diaper please.”

“Oh, my word Brad you keep begging me not to make you wear diapers but you keep having accidents, don’t you? At this rate big boy pants are no longer an option for you, are they? No, Brad, it looks like you need diapers more than I thought.  Now how does my big diaper boy tell mommy he needs his diaper changed?  go ahead…ask Mommy the right way.” You turn bright red and stutter

“Mommy baby made a poopy.”

Once again you realize you will never be a real adult. I step up rubbing on the front of your diaper making you involuntarily hump you diaper in my hand.

“Brad I cannot believe you are still making messes in your diapers at your age!  This is the last straw Brad you will wear diapers at all times. Obey Mommy at all times no matter how embarrassed you may get is that clear?” … You follow me as I walk into my bedroom still speaking.

“Now Mommy can’t always change you right away. So, I need you to sit in your playpen and play while Mommy gets ready for her friend to come over for lunch.  Mommy has you in the biggest and best diapers so you’ll be fine until I get around to you. And then I can get you dressed and ready for lunch too.” … After a quick change into fresh lingerie, I come back with fresh clothes for you.

“I think your light blue onesie that snaps at your little crotch will be a hit, don’t you? And the coveralls I got you with the shorts that unsnap to make it easier to change my baby?  Especially when I lay you down in the living room in front of Miss. Brown to change your messy diaper. She is your favorite teacher so she can see what a big baby you are Brad.  How does that sound baby?” I still do not change your dirty diaper as I help you into your fresh clothes you beg almost in tears!

  “Mommy PLEASE, Please… please…”

“Don’t change me in front of her. She finds reasons to punish me all the time. She puts me over her knee, all the time, it’s always humiliating and she makes me cry the spankings are so bad. I don’t want her to see me like this or to see my skinny 2-inch-long baby p-p”

“Oh, Brad you act like a baby has a say in when and where he gets his diaper changed.  Little boys who can’t control themselves wear diapers and have no say in where or by whom they’re changed.”

“But Mommy I…”

“No buts mister!  What are you wearing right now Brad?  Answer me or I’ll spank your little bottom raw!”

“I’m wearing diapers.”

“Yes, you are Brad and who wears diapers?” … Just then the doorbell rings. I walk over and Trina in.

“Come, welcome Ms. Brown Brad.” …

You walk over, head hanging down in shame.

You feel her hand touch you under the chin and shudder. She lifts your face for a kiss. Her hands begin to move down your body, you hope to your pee-pee. As you feel her hand on the outside of your diaper your whole-body tingles in anticipation of her hand actually touching your useless shrimp dick. Her slightest touch has caused you to go off in a very embarrassing way. You are a premature ejaculator to her surprise and your shame. Tears start to stream down your face, you feel your cum slide against your shit covered ass. She laughs out loud and offers to clean up baby Brad and change his diaper. You start to sob at the thought.

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