Fertile Tonight? I’m Getting You Pregnant!

It was Valentine’s Day, and I wasn’t looking forward to this date. I was feeling a bit off and bloated. Hope I’m not pregnant. I had only been out with this guy: Andy, a few times before. I got dressed in my favorite red dress, made sure my makeup was done perfectly, and then waited for him to pick me up.

We headed to dinner and had a great time. I drank a little too much wine before leaving the restaurant. When he went to take me home he insisted on walking me in. I wasn’t wanting to have sex that night, but the wine was really fucking with my head. He got me inside and then began to kiss, and undress me. Before I could say no, he had me naked in my bed.

He had his body pressed against mine very quickly after that. As he began to push inside of me he leaned in and whispered, “You better be fertile tonight! I’m going to make you pregnant with my child!” I wasn’t sure I heard him correctly at first. He continued to push inside of me, running his hands over my breasts and down my back. I couldn’t get that saying out of my head though..”pregnant”? What the hell?!

We quickly finished as he came inside of me. He kept his cock in my pussy until he was completely soft and couldn’t stay in any longer. We laid in my bed after just talking. I leaned over and asked, “Did you say you wanted to get me pregnant?”

He looked up at me and replied, “Yes you heard me correctly. I want my seed to be deep in your womb as our child grows. Getting you pregnant is a life goal of mine!”

I quickly escorted him out of my house. That was the oddest thing someone on only our second date had ever said to me. Thank god I’ve been so good about taking my birth control! But it still made me uncomfortable to think that all he wanted that night was to get me pregnant. Thankfully that never happened. Wanna know what else never happened? Another date with Andy!

Awe I think she should’ve gave Andy another date! He seemed like such a keeper like our Phone Sex Girls!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke