You’re about to discover the woman you’ve always wanted to become, but were too afraid to try it on your own. Yes, it’s definitely time for your feminization fantasy awakening!

“OMG,” you think as you wake up in an unfamiliar resort hotel room on the morning of your feminization fantasy awakening. “How did I get here?” Gasping, you move closer to the wall-length mirror. Shockingly, the image staring back at you is this gorgeous, feminine creature you’ve never seen before. In fact, you startle yourself by screaming like…yes, you guessed it…a girl.

The obvious questions are “How and when did this feminization fantasy awakening and transformation begin?” After all, the last thing you remember was partying and dancing with an alluringly sexy college girl last night at a hot beachside nightclub in Cabo San Lucas. Someone must have roofied your drink, because otherwise, how did you end up in this strange place?

Notably, what matters is that you appear to be in a luxurious hotel suite that is NOT yours. Furthermore, you do not see your wallet or clothes anywhere. Instead, you find yourself clad in a shimmery fuchsia, thigh-length, short-sleeved party dress with flouncy pleats along with long satin gloves.

Wait, I’m wearing a dress?

At the same time, you have the vaguely unsettling thought that someone purposely made the hem incredibly short. How do ladies sit in something this brief, you wonder. Even crazier, you realize that your legs are now encased in sleek, shimmery nude thigh-high stockings, perfectly matching your outfit. Oooh, they feel super silky, don’t they?! Oh yes…

Speaking of silky, what is that oddly arousing sensation you’re feeling down there? You notice a smooth, soft caress against your stiff cock as your heavy ballsack draws up tight in growing arousal. Arousal?

“Fuck, am I getting turned on by this bizarre situation? Wtf is happening to me?” you think a bit desperately as your heart rapidly pounds.

Quickly yanking up the skirt of your pretty summer dress, you find that you’re wearing satiny white bikini panties edged in pink lace. At the same time, you’re wiggling your toes in 4-inch, black platform stiletto sandals! And even more, you realize you’re feeling quite constricted. Matter of fact, you can hardly breathe. What is going on here?

Frowning in confusion, you lean forward so that you can look down the cleavage of the low-cut dress. Even more horrifying is the realization that you’re wearing a lacy white and pink balconette bra that firmly pushes your lush breasts up and out.

Um … For the love of all that’s sissy, er, holy, how the fuck did I get BREASTS?

Not only that, but they are BIG, firm DDD-cup titties that bounce in their cups with each shuddering breath you take. Frightened and super aroused at the same time, you can’t stop staring at yourself in the full-length mirror. This is a feminization fantasy awakening indeed!

Last but not least, you can’t seem to stop yourself from squirming uncomfortably. What is that compression, that trapped feeling around your ribs? Unbuttoning the front of your dress, you realize that you’re wearing what appears to be some sort of pale pink corset or girdle thingy, like they used to wear way back in the old days!

And what happened to the hair on your chest and legs? Everything is SO smooth! In spite of yourself, you feel your cock (clitty?) begin a slow, insistent throbbing in your panties.

Yes, in YOUR panties.

Groaning softly, you contemplate how amazing you’re feeling right now. In spite of yourself, you feel yourself getting VERY hard. Trembling with an intoxicating mixture of terror and pleasure, you wonder, “Am I dreaming? Indeed, I must be starring in my very own forced feminization free sex story!

Releasing your grip on the clothing, you look back up at your reflection in the mirror, eyes wild with shock and desperation. Oh yes, speaking of your eyes, shadow and mascara have somehow been meticulously applied, the colors really making your eyes pop! Even more compellingly, you can’t stop staring at how deliciously alluring your mouth looks coated in a glossy, deep pink lipstick. As if that weren’t improbable enough, the rest of your face is just as perfectly made up.

In addition, you’re wearing a shining blonde wig of such quality that it almost looks like your natural hair! Well, if you wore your hair in a bob, that is! Moreover, you look downward to admire the rosy pink lacquer on your toes and fingernails.

“I must be dreaming, that’s it. I’ll wake up any second, right?”

Suddenly the door opens and I strut into the room, grinning at you. “Hello beautiful, you’re awake! Awesome, we have an incredible day ahead of us. Let’s get started, shall we?”

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